Beyoncé And JAY-Z List Their New Orleans Mansion For $4.45 Million

The power couple of the music industry has listed the church house for $4.45 million. It’s not known if they ever lived in the space, but its price has been steadily increasing within a short time, as just a week after listing the estate for $3.5 million, the price has been bumped up to $4.45 million. Even though it remains unknown how much the musician-couple paid for the home in 2015, it was listed for $2.6 million before their purchase.

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The 13,292 square foot Crescent City property has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and was originally a Presbyterian church. It has since been renovated throughout the years to house the rich and famous and hold festive events. The home has witnessed many happy occasions like weddings and hosted salons, corporate execs, and major recording stars. The house is nestled in NOLA’s Historic Garden District and just steps from the main Mardi Gras parade route and has remained a small attraction in the area throughout the years.

La Casa de Castille is the impressively classy name of the house as the 13,300 square foot posh home had its origins as a church. Built-in the style of an ornate Spanish Baroque in the mid-1920s, the grandeur of the space gracefully permeated in it even after its renovation in 2000. The elegant three-story house is currently set up with three apartments and one primary residence with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms between the spaces, including a spacious and fancy rooftop garden. The current photos of the building remain a mystery as Beyoncé and Jay Z have not attached updated pictures to the listing, especially after the recent arson at the property.

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What’s enticingly intriguing about the three-story house is the Spanish baroque architecture with its steep 26-foot ceilings. The three apartments are each approximately 1,000-square-feet.

The house is also notable for being given raving reviews by previous owners. An anonymous Grammy winner is quoted in the listing as saying the place is great for musicians as the acoustics and vibe and the sunset view from the rooftop garden is a lovely muse for musical composition.

The New Orleans house’s listing comes about three months after the mansion caught on fire. The outbreak lasted a bit over 2 hours, and it was categorized as simple arson. It’s unclear how much damage the building has sustained from the arson, as no damages from the fire are mentioned in the listing, so it’s safe to say it wasn’t dramatically affected. However, the current owners have offered to paint the home according to the buyer’s preference before closing the deal.

The Carters, a billionaire couple and iconic duo, own several properties throughout the States. Still, the New Orleans mansion is relatively tiny compared to their $88 million Bel Air property and the $26 million East Hampton home.

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