Blake Shelton Thought Gwen Stefani’s ‘Ellen’ Interview Was ‘Adorable’ — Is He Inspired To Propose?

Blake Shelton loved the way Gwen Stefani handled the question of whether or not they’re getting married during her recent interview on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and it’s made him fall for her even more.

Blake Shelton, 42, can’t help but be proud of his lady love Gwen Stefani, 49, after she gave a great interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and he’s super impressed by the way she handled questions about their private life, including the big question about whether or not they’re planning on getting hitched. “Blake thought Gwen’s interview with Ellen [DeGeneres] was absolutely adorable, she looked gorgeous and was so smart and funny, he’s watched the video at least ten times now, and it still makes him smile,” a source close to Blake EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Blake thought Gwen handled the marriage question perfectly—Ellen was trying every trick in the book to get some juicy gossip out of her, but she’s way too savvy to fall for any of that and she dealt with the questions like a pro.”

Gwen did indeed handle the questions like a pro. When Ellen tried to get her to spill the beans on a possible engagement by telling her that Blake already told her they were engaged, Gwen just laughed it off and denied it. “We’re not engaged!,” she said with a chuckle. “We’re not married and he’s my boyfriend still.” She then quickly changed the subject to the new music video that she did with her hunky beau.

Although there’s been a ton of speculation about the status of Gwen and Blake’s relationship, the lovebirds like to take it day by day and keep things to themselves. “Even though Blake and Gwen are celebrities, they still like to keep their most private life private, and they really hate to talk about the future of their relationship with other people,” the source continued. “In fairness, they hate to talk about the future of their relationship when it’s just the two of them, because they kind of feel if it ain’t broke why fix it, and they don’t want to jinx what they have. That said, Blake knows 100 percent that Gwen is his soulmate, and that he’s going to make her his wife one day, he just has to get round to deciding when and how now!”

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