Brit chef turns fry-up into full English loaf – but some say it looks ‘minging’

Many Brits would argue that a full English is the best way to start the day.

With plenty of meat, carbs and a hint of veg – the big hearty breakfast is often praised.

But one foodie has turned the classic fry up dish on its head – by turning it into a loaf. Think lasagne with a British brekkie twist!

TikTok chef Steve Devereux Has taken to his foodie account @foodmadesimple to share his tasty full English dish.

Swapping out the dough, Steve has used a bread tin to create the ultimate breakfast snack.

Steve starts by lining the bread tin with a few rashers of raw bacon and adding three pieces of white toast on top.

It is time for more meat – as the foodie puts a whopping 15 sausages on top of the slices.

Gradually, Steve pours some beaten eggs over the concoction and allows it to seep through all of the layers.

After this, the chef then places three more slices of toast and some diced up pieces of black pudding on top.

Fried mushrooms, toast and even more eggs then complete the dish.

Steve covers the full English loaf it with tin foil and places it in the oven.

To finish off the breakfast recipe, the social media chef even puts a Christmas twist on the breakfast loaf by topping it with pigs in blankets.

Since being posted, the brekkie inspired loaf has now racked up 403,000 views and 18,000 likes.

Drooling at the British inspired loaf , many people fled to the comments to declare their love for the meaty dish.

One person commented: “Honestly that looks like it would slap on a Sunday morning.”

Another user added: “Looks proper good that British food is the best in the world by fair in my opinion.”

Someone else stated: “Sooo good.”

However, not everyone shared the same love for the full english loaf hybrid.

One user remarked: “Looks minging.”

Someone else claimed: “Nooo! You can’t mess with a fry up.”

This user joked: “My IBS is playing up just looking at this.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the full English loaf!

You can also find Steve’s Instagram here.

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