Brits praise pub for banning ‘d***head’ youth with passive aggressive sign

It's safe to say that pubs and passive aggressive signs are two things Brits feel strongly about.

Etiquette around the boozer is important to many, and it seems some are not favourable about young people in pubs.

Well, that is judging by what this handmade note stuck with blue tack on the pub entrance says.

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Twitter meme account No Context Brits shared a photo of the rather unsavoury sign to their 1.3million followers.

And, it garnered a strong reaction from users.

"Ye olde bucks head inn 21 and over", the printed sign said.

"Due to the behaviour of some young wannabe gangsters (d*** heads), we are now a 21 and over pub.

"You can thank your fellow peers for ruining for you."


They certainly got their point across!

It didn't take long for Brits to share their opinion in the comments after the post racked up hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes.

One person commented: "All pubs should have this soz but they’re right."

Another user added: "I love this country."

While a third voiced: "Need more of these to be honest."

Someone else remarked: "If only d***headishness stopped at 21."

Meanwhile, a fifth person mocked: "It's now an American-styled bar."

Elsewhere, Brits got stuck into a fiery debate concerning a full English breakfast.

The much-loved dish was in the middle of a controversy after they were asked what item they would get rid of.

Surprisingly, many Brits chose to banish baked beans from the plate over the likes of mushroom and black pudding.

But British cuisine was not the only thing on the minds of Brits over on Twitter.

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And, it does what is says on the tin…


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