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ESSENTIAL oils have become essential items in people’s homes.

They can help with sleep, give you a mood boost and decrease anxiety (if you’re looking to release essential oils in the home, check out our guide to the best cheap diffusers for essential oils).

Essential oils are now recognised as a legitimate form of self-care: we use them in the bath, as room fragrances, spray them on our pillows for better sleep and even rub them on our pulse points to feel good.

They can be very expensive, but you can also find them on the cheap on sites like Amazon and health food stores like Holland & Barrett.

Some essential oils can even be ingested: peppermint and lemon are common ones you can drink with water (you only need a couple of drops).

However, you must make sure that the essential oils you’ve bought are safe to ingest if you are planning to do so – in which case you’ll want to invest in a trusted brand like doTERRA.

Different essential oils do different things: lavender is a favourite for helping you get to sleep, and lemon can also play a vital role in calming moods and reducing stress.

Peppermint essential oil is used for everything from sore muscles to a sore tummy, while cinnamon essential oil has powerful antimicrobial effects – and smells fantastic.

When buying essential oils, note that some plants – like lavender and rosemary – have lots of oil naturally, so can be purchased on the cheap and can still have a high concentration of the plant extract.

However, don’t expect to find super-cheap, and top-quality, rose oil. It takes roughly 242,000 rose petals to make just 5ml of rose essential oil.

1. Mystic Moments Essential Oil

  • Mystic Moments Essential Oil Starter Pack – £36.95 for 24 10ml bottles, Amazon – buy here

This 24-pack of essential oils is a real bargain – each oil is slightly more than £1.50 – and includes a comprehensive selection of 10ml oils like basil, cedarwood, cinnamon bark, clove, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree and wintergreen.

The oils are pure, so should be diluted before they are used on the skin (and these oils aren't suitable for ingestion).

Fans like the selection of oils in the box, use them in diffusers (and even candle-making!), and many have even given these as a present thanks to the handy wooden gift box.

2. Miaroma Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

Miaroma Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

  • Miaroma Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil, £2.79 at Holland & Barrett – buy here

Holland & Barrett has a fantastic selection of essential oils that can be used in various ways: in the bath, as massage oils, vaporised in a diffuser or oil burner.

Eucalyptus oil is a favourite for soothing muscle strains, relieving cold symptoms and improving concentration.

Fans say it's a must for steaming or in the bath whenever you have blocked sinuses.

3. Ecodrop Essential Oils

Ecodrop Essential Oils USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils Set

  • Ecodrop Essential Organic Set, £16.99 for six 10ml bottles at Amazon – buy here

This certified organic essential oils set comes with six different oils, so they cost about £2.83 apiece, as well as an ebook that tells you which oils to use for what and the basics of aromatherapy.

This set from Ecodrop includes tea tree, lemongrass, sweet orange, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender, to help with a variety of ailments, from acting as an insect repellent to alleviating headaches.

As one reviewer raves:

'Amazing quality, great value, super fast delivery!!!! Will def buy more from Ecodrop.'

'Was spending so much money on Neal's Yard and now super happy to have the same quality for such a low price.'

'Very happy with my purchase.'

4. Mood Lavender Essential Oil Natural Aromatherapy

  • Mood Lavender Essential Oil Natural Aromatherapy, £6.99 for 50ml, Mood Essential Oils – buy here

This website has a great variety of essential oils, essential oil sets, diffusers and more – all at bargain prices.

We also like that the oils are available in a variety of sizes, from 10ml to 100ml (a 100ml bottle of lavender essential oil still costs under a tenner).

5. Naissance True Lavender Essential Oil 30ml 

  • Naissance True Lavender Essential Oil 30ml, £9.99 at Amazon – buy here

One of the most delicious-smelling essential oils, Naissance's Lavender True essential oil has lots of pluses: it's a pure oil, it's vegan, it's cruelty-free – and it's cheap.

It's also got many uses: blend it with liquid soap for a DIY body wash, add a few drops to potpourri for a calming household scent, use with a carrier oil for a soothing massage, or add to shampoo to soothe the scalp.

Devotees love it, claiming it improves sleep (just drop some on your pillow), can heal scars quicker, calms the mind and encourages sleep. You might even add some drops to the Hoover filters for a gorgeous-smelling home.

6. doTERRA Essential Oil Introductory Kit 

  • doTERRA Essential Oil Introductory Kit , £25 for three 5ml oils, Amazon – buy here

A much-hyped brand (every Instagrammer and celeb seems to use doTERRA), this introductory kit from the bestselling brand features lemon, lavender and peppermint oils.

It isn't all that expensive, as each oil works out at around £8 – which is less expensive than many other essential oils available.

The quality of the oils is superb, they're additive-free so completely pure and they do the job – whether it's lavender's relaxing capabilities or peppermint's refreshing ones.

Plus, these are safe to be ingested, so you can drink in water, tea or a smoothie.

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