Cheeky Aldi customer spots ‘boob marks’ in ice cream during heatwave

How many times do we need to tell you not to dunk your bits in ice cream to beat the heat?

Earlier this year, we warned women not to shove ice lollies up themselves during the heatwave.

And now, an Aldi shopper joked about finding ‘boob marks’ in a tub of ice cream.

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The customer, @CopWellbeing, took to Twitter to laugh: “It’s that hot in the UK today that I’ve just opened a fresh tub of vanilla ice cream from @AldiUK and someone has been dipping their boobies in it.”

Aldi saw the funny side of the tweet, responding: “Not the worst idea we’ve ever heard”.

And customers were equally amused, with the post garnering more than 1,600 likes and dozens of comments.

One Twitter user joked: “FFS Aldi you said you wouldn’t sell the tub afterwards.”

Another said: “Not guilty. The marks are too small to be mine.”

A third wrote: “Just needs two red cherries placed in the correct place… lol.”

And a fourth added: “Wish I’d thought of that when I was breastfeeding.”

It’s not the first time someone’s found a rude imprint in a tub of ice cream.

A Tesco shopper was left baffled after opening a tub of ice cream.

Calum Macdonald noticed a phallic-looking dent in his frozen treat when he bought it back in 2020.

So he took to Twitter to ask: “Hi @Tesco – I’m not being funny but has someone had a fun time with my ice cream? I’ve just opened it.

“For the record – I’ve eaten none of this.”

The post garnered more than 400 likes and dozens of amusing comments.

One responder joked: “Someone has made a c*ck up” and another asked: “Is it c*ckolate flavour?”

A third laughed: “At least there are no hairs.”

And another said: “They’re quite big those tubs so I’m envious.”


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