Chinese COVID-19 medic sweats buckets after working nonstop in heat

This clip is too hot to handle.

A female health-care worker in western China wrung buckets of sweat out of her hazmat suit after working tirelessly to combat the coronavirus in the sweltering summer heat. Video of the steamy incident surfaced on Chinese social media after authorities imposed “wartime” measures to curb the region’s COVID-19 resurgence, CNN reports. 

The shocking, now-viral clip shows the exhausted medical employee in Urumqi, Xinjiang, taking a break on Aug. 8, during which the mercury reportedly soared to an oppressive 90 degrees by noon. 

The sitting woman can be seen rolling up the right leg of her personal protective gear, prompting a torrent of sweat to pour out like a waterfall and pool on the ground below. As if that wasn’t alarming enough, she proceeds to dump an equal amount of perspiration out of the left leg.

Needless to say, the dedicated worker made a splash on social media, reports the Daily Mail.

“This has brought me to tears,” gushed one grateful commenter. “Thank you all for working so hard, our angels!”

“Oh my god, this is shocking!” posted another. “All the medical staff are our true heroes!”

Another commenter observed how grueling it must be to work in the scorching temperatures with so many layers on. Indeed, a study published in the American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal once found that wearing the average hazmat suit can “impose a heat stress equivalent to adding” 11 degrees to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Think of it as vacuum-sealing yourself in a burrito wrapper.

However, this viral video “wet nurse” wasn’t the only one forced to work in the summer heat. In July alone, Urumqi mobilized nearly 2,000 health-care professionals to carry out citywide tests after the Xinjiang capital recorded double digit COVID infections for the first time in months.

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