Chleb Ravenell: Kathryn Dennis used her kids as an excuse to dump me

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Kathryn Dennis and boyfriend Chleb Ravenell have reportedly broken up

Chleb Ravenell believes “Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis used her kids as an “excuse” to break up with him last fall.

“I don’t think the kids were a factor in our relationship,” Ravenell told “Entertainment Tonight” in a new interview. “I feel like the kids were an excuse on a reason why we broke up, but it wasn’t a main factor.”

The Apple product specialist explained that Dennis’ custody agreement sees her having the kids on the weekends when he would be working and “couldn’t see” them.

“And when I was with the kids, I wasn’t able to actually step in and be a stepdad or discipline the kids or anything like that,” he added. “Because I just wasn’t allowed to just by Thomas [Ravenel’s] rules, so I felt like I didn’t have a part of her family. I wasn’t all the way in there, you know what I mean?”

Ravenell and Dennis’ breakup played out on the Bravo show last week with him telling the reality star that he wanted to “come back home” after they hit a rough patch.

“I’ve got a lot going on, and I feel like you lack empathy for what I’m going through,” Dennis, 30, responded, likely referring to her ongoing custody battle with ex Ravenel. “I’m the only one opening up.”

When it came time for the episode to air, Ravenell found himself unable to relive the painful moment.

“I couldn’t watch it. It was too emotional for me. I’m not even going to lie,” he told “ET,” getting choked up. “That literally kind of broke my heart at that time. I literally was trying everything to get back together with her because I wanted to make it work.”

Though viewers will watch Ravenell attempt to reconcile with Dennis, it sadly will ultimately fail, and the pair will not get back together.

“Me and her, we don’t really talk anymore. I mean, I’m not really too sad about her or anything like that, but I just wish the best for her,” he said. “If she moves on, finds another guy, I hope he can give her that love that she needs.”

Dennis’ co-star Venita Aspen recently told Page Six that she “felt sorry” for Chleb because “he really did love Kathryn.”

“It was like very apparent that he was really there for her,” she shared with us. “I think that he just didn’t really know how to handle his emotions and also handle what she was bringing to the table. It was like too much, so I was sad that they broke up.”

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