Cynthia Nixon Recalls Being ‘Dazzled’ by Her ‘And Just Like That’ Co-Star Sara Ramírez: ‘I Couldn’t Ask for Better’

Sara Ramírez isn’t a double threat or a triple threat — they’re an infinity threat.

Mike Nichols alerted me to the existence of this superhuman when he was directing Sara in “Spamalot.” Nichols had a nose for talent and was famously the discoverer of Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman and Whoopi Goldberg. In all the time I’d known him, I’d never seen Mike as awed by someone. He basically told me that no matter what impossible new musical number or comedy bit he gave them, Sara executed it perfectly, with a triple lutz and confetti to boot. So in 2020, when we were looking for someone to cast as Che, Carrie’s alpha podcast boss in “And Just Like That …,” I thought immediately of Sara.

While I’ve been lucky enough to play opposite some incredible people over the last 45 years, Sara’s unique blend of charisma, warmth, beauty, sorrow, strength and unending sense of fun has been a first. We didn’t meet until they were cast, but from the moment they started shooting, I knew we were home free.

When Miranda and Che meet by having a knock-down, drag-out fight that morphs into an embarrassed but undeniable flirtation, I quickly saw that no matter how hard or high I threw the ball, or how much spin I put on it, Sara was going to catch it and send it right back just as hard. And as an actor, I couldn’t ask for better than that.

It’s not always easy to be Sara Ramírez — to be someone who truly lives honestly and openly with themselves and the world. I thank my lucky stars I’m living in a time when there is a Sara shining in all their glory. And that I (and Miranda) get to be there, dazzled.

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