Daily horoscope for January 26: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Tuesday’s horoscope gets off to a swift start when the Sun Squares Uranus. A Square is thought to reflect pressure points occurring in people’s lives at certain points.

Astrologers suspect this may mean things can perhaps take an unexpected twist on Tuesday.

As a result, something is almost certainly going to shake some people out of their collective stupor today – so steady yourself.

The Sun / Uranus combination is commonly viewed upon as a jack-in-the-box – all primed and ready to jump out when you least expect it.

Things weird and wonderful are consequently ready to bite and somewhat seismic events may take place around this time.

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But this Tuesday’s supply of the bizarre is not only due to Uranus.

The influence of Taurus also supposedly adds a rather unnerving quality to proceedings, although this can also be liberating.

You could make a clumsy break for freedom amid this whole reshuffling of the cards.

Serene planet Neptune is in star sign Pisces, where it is reportedly perfecting a Square of its own, with the Lunar Nodes.

And although this may only exacerbate this utterly unreal atmosphere, all that is required is to pinch yourself to confirm what is real.

The best bet is to just enjoy the magic Neptune provides while you have e the chance to do so.

Tuesday is an excellent opportunity to daydream, get starry-eyed and even inject a little creativity.

The waxing Cancer Moon is arguably the perfect accompaniment to this minor madness.

Earth’s natural satellite is gently harmonising with Uranus and red planet Mars.

This celestial orb steadily heading for Neptune next, meaning any are all-set for a wonderfully sweet Tuesday night.

The Moon is in sensitive Cancer and your mind is on house and home. Securing your base is therefore of paramount importance.

Uranus is notorious for its recalcitrance, while Neptune typically fudges the issue.

However, these issues can easily be evaded by circumventing such trifling annoyances.

This is helped by the Moon connects with Uranus, asteroid Chiron as well as Mars again.

So long as you can cosy-up and watch the crazy world go by tonight from a safe place, you have nothing to fear from Tuesday.

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