Daily horoscope for June 27: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Saturday’s horoscope finds the Moon readying to leave nitpicking Virgo behind. With so much mutability in the skies, you have to be more flexible than usual to keep up with these strange times.

The tree that bends with the wind does not break, so apply this power to your own life this Saturday.

Every day that passes puts some distance between you and the recent draining Venus Retrograde.

There have also only been a few days since the emotionally-charged 2020 summer solstice solar eclipse.

The ramifications of these events mean you can take it easy as the weekend begins.


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You may well have been feeling down or facing a few of your demons during this time.

However, your horoscope dictates you can now climb back up to full daylight.

The Moon waxing down to earth Virgo can offer some practical tools to get you going.

The waxing silver orb enters Libra on Saturday night, Venus’ sign.

This means you are ready and willing to enjoy some quality socialising at long last.

With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, it is perhaps time to get working on something put on the back burner.

Review your attitude, re-familiarise yourself with old ground and recover what seemed lost.

Astrologers agree the star sign Virgo is methodical about such matters.

As the Moon connects with Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars, you have plenty to be getting on with.

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And with the Lunar Nodes also in play this Saturday, there is much to give you a motivational push.

Expert affairs to get potentially a little rowdy by Saturday night.

This is because the Moon connects with Red Planet Mars before entering Libra.

Just when things are terribly unstable and about to fall apart, ringed planet Saturn makes a timely appearance.

This cosmic combination is considered capable of placing relationships on a more even keel.

Mars, meanwhile in its last legs in Pisces, creating nostalgic energy.

However, this will all change soon, when Mars enters Aries tomorrow. –

You can also expect to assume you are ready to go attitude.

This will help you prepare for a proactive, dynamic marathon run that is the second half of this year.

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