Daily horoscope for November 28: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Saturday’s horoscope proceeds with Retrograde Neptune stationing Direct. Neptune in astrology supplies illusion, enhances dreams and promotes seclusion – boosting your spiritual wisdom in the process. Now Neptune is again Direct, astrologers feel it is crucial to use your internal guidance to navigate all this returning confusion.

As a result, the dawn of a new weekend should fill your soul with dreams.

This may mean it becomes increasingly tricky to distinguish between what real and what is not.

Some ideas are still worth considering even if they are simply wishful thinking.

Neptune has remained Retrograde since the summer where it has been living in La-La Land.

But today marks a significant shift and it is time to put your daydreams to the test in the real world.

As Neptune finally turns Direct, you can sense a whole avalanche of dreams and longings approaching at speed.

These are suddenly bursting at the seams and spilling into the wider world.

One approach could allow it all to wash over you today while remaining calm and collected while trying to figure it out.

So why not keep your feet firmly on the ground, take stock and try and discern fact from fiction?

Fortunately, help in this regard arrives in the form of today’s Taurus Moon.

Astrologers agree there are few sturdier bases than the lunar orb situated in this star sign.

The Taurus Moon is considered confident enough to know where it stands and to trust on its intuition.

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Accountants and others au fait with cash are likely to benefit from this combination.

And at the same time, those engaged in cooking, gardening, or simply mindfulness practices may also notice a distinct boost.

Somewhat ironically, this cosmic lift may actually help ground us in a variety of ways.

And many many sorely need such positivity with a world in such a tricky state.

Then as the day begins to darken and night draws near, the Moon and Neptune Sextile.

The Sextile is an astrological aspect occurring when bodies are two signs apart in the Zodiac.

This combination could mean you succeed in blending dreams with reality.

With the Gemini lunar eclipse just around the corner, the coming days all concern change.

So why not give it all you have got, as there is nothing to lose this Saturday.

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