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You are going into this week on a high, feeling motivated and unstoppable, but later today your emotions might get the better of you. It’s time to strap in and get ready for a rollercoaster of a day: but don’t worry, you can handle it. The planets are putting you through your paces for a higher reason, trust the process and try to keep going with the flow.

Get ready for a flying start to the week, as the stars align to get you feeling pumped for new challenges.

The Moon is transitioning from Gemini to Cancer, but on its travels across the sky, it nests between Venus and Mars.

This creates powerful energy to get up and get things moving.

Not only will you be able to dig deep within yourself to summon motivation, but your energy is infectious to those around you.

Whether it’s at work, or at home, everyone’s going to want to be on your team today when they see you’re bringing your A-game.

Today you’ll be looking on the bright side of life.

This optimism gives you the freedom to dream big and be creative with making plans and embarking on new projects.

Let the creative juices flow, this is a great day to brainstorm ambitious ideas, and – crucially – to convince those around you to jump on board with your plans.

Meanwhile, Mars and Neptune are coming into alignment.

This is a powerful combination for creative energy, which will not only provide you with inspiration but help you to come up with innovative solutions to any problems you’re facing.

There might be a situation you’re facing at the moment where you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, but this creative energy will help you find the ‘third way’.

Later on, the Moon is moving from Gemini to Cancer.

When the Moon is in Cancer, emotions take the top priority.

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You may be feeling highly emotional and sentimental, but watch out for mood swings.

As your feelings take centre stage later on today, it’s time to check in with yourself.

What’s really going on beneath the surface?

If there are feelings you’re trying to bury deep down, tough luck.

The Cancer Moon is going to bring those back to the fore.

Try not to run from them. Difficult feelings can be unpleasant, but there’s no denying them.

Whether you’re in love with the wrong person, falling out of love with the right person, or experiencing resentment towards a friend or family member, now’s the time to reckon with it.

Make the most of the highly intuitive Cancer Moon by unpacking why you feel this way, and more importantly: why you’re refusing to acknowledge your true feelings.

This doesn’t mean you need to give voice to these truths if you’re not ready to. Why not try writing them all down, so you can untangle what you’re really feeling?

You won’t be able to move forward until you’ve worked out how you feel, but the Cancer Moon will help you to do just that.

Embrace the opportunity for emotional release and cathartic spiritual cleansing.

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