Disabled Dog Surrendered to Shelter Takes First Steps to Finding a Home Thanks to Wheelchair

Misty is on the move!

Until recently, the little dog, who can’t walk on her own, was only able to get from place to place by dragging her back legs behind her. Unable to provide Misty with the care she need to thrive, her elderly owner made the difficult decision to surrender the dog to Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire (ARLNH), where the disabled canine could get the care she needed.

ARLNH, along with wanting to find a new home for Misty, also wanted to give the dog more freedom, so the rescue reached out to Walkin’ Pets, a company dedicated to making custom wheelchairs for pets, for help. Walkin’ Pets happily agreed to assist the shelter and sent out several team members to ARLNH to fit Misty for her own wheelchair.

It didn’t take long for Walkin’ Pets to deliver Misty’s new wheels, and, in response, it didn’t take Misty long to adjust to the wheelchair. According to Walkin’ Pets, the canine was zooming around the shelter minutes after she was placed in her new wheelchair.

Now, with this new mobility, Misty is the happiest she has been since arriving at ARLNH a few weeks ago. No longer depending on her uncooperative hind legs to get around, Misty is getting the exercise she needs to stay healthy and happy, which means she almost ready to find a new home.

ARLNH plans to put Misty up for adoption soon. When she moves in with her new family, Misty will be bringing along the wheelchair and scooter — a custom creation that allows Misty to safely move around inside without her wheelchair  — that Walkin’ Pets gifted to her.

If you think you are the big-hearted pet lover that is a perfect fit for Misty and her wheels, contact Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

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