Dream meanings: The 10 most common dreams and what they say about YOU

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Many experts from Freud to Carl Jung believe that dreams have meanings and dream mentors and interpreters today believe our dreams should be analysed to find out something about our well being and psychological state. Fortunately, humans tend to have similar dreams to one another so it is easy to search your dream online and find out a little about what it means for you. Express.co.uk chatted to award-winning energy healer from Divine Empowerment, Antonia Harman for Linens Limited to find out the 10 most common dreams to have and what they mean.

Your deep unconscious mind sends messages in the form of dreams.

The amygdala in the brain takes input from your body’s senses and if something significant happens, this information is stored in your brain to be resolved.

According to Dream Expert Martin Rothery from Sanomentology, part of the purpose of our dreams is to deal with what the amygdala has stored during the day.

The Dream Expert added: “A reoccurring dream will happen when an issue remains unresolved, a message not received, or an ongoing event continues.

“Taking control of the dream will allow it to be dealt with once and for all.”

Here are the top 10 most common dreams and what they mean, in order to help you deal with the issue in real life.

Teeth falling out dream

Dreaming of teeth falling out often relates to personal loss, whether it is a marriage, a job, a loved one passing, or losing a home.

Antonia said: “You could be worried about what will happen in the future – significant changes are coming.

“Are you stressed or anxious? It could also relate to jealousy around a partner or co-worker.”

Dying dream

Dying in a dream often relates to significant changes.

Antonia said: “It is similar to the death card in a tarot deck, they both mean the end of an era or significant change.

“They are not necessarily negative nor do they predict your physical death.”

Cheating dream

Dreaming about a partner cheating points towards your insecurities in a relationship.

Antonia said: “You may feel unworthy or that they will find someone better.

“However, it could be a sixth sense that you feel things are off and they are cheating.

“Please tread lightly with this and try to notice your own insecurities before confronting them.”

Falling dream

Falling in a dream points to you feeling out of control, that your life is not your own and you are ‘spinning out’.

Antonia advised: “If this is the case, taking steps towards feeling less overwhelmed will help to stop the dreams.”

Flying dream

Flying in a dream is wonderfully exhilarating if you are ‘lucid’ in the dream, which means you are both actor and director you may be able to choose where you go and what you see.

However, Antonia pointed out: “If you have a fear of flying, that could mean you are afraid of new challenges and success.”

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Being pregnant dream

Being pregnant in a dream relates to birthing; this could be a baby, a concept, an invention, a new business opportunity or something else.

Antonia added: “If you are physically pregnant, it could be due to anxiety and uncertainty around the pregnancy.”

Being chased dream

If you are being chased in a dream, you need to look at what you are running from in your own life.

Antonia asked: “Is there a person or situation you feel uncomfortable with and want to flee from?

“Changing what you want to get away from in the physical may stop this dream from recurring.”

Test dream

If you are taking a test or being tested in a dream, this could relate to a trial in the physical world.

The energy healer said: “Are you currently being challenged? Is there a competition or a new obstacle? Is there uncertainty where you need to use skill to triumph?”

Being late dream

Being late for a dream relates to the need for change or hope for change.

Antonia said: “It could also point to a fear of missing opportunities in your work or personal life.”

Naked in public dream

Being naked in a dream relates to fear of being exposed, according to Antonia.

She said: “Is there something you are hiding you don’t want to come out? Are there vulnerabilities, weaknesses or insecurities you are trying to hide?”

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