Drill rapper who needs cops’ permission to release music bragged he will bag a number one after being released from jail – The Sun

A NOTORIOUS drill rapper who was ordered to get clearance from police to release music has bragged he will land a number one hit after being freed from prison.

Rhys Herbert – AKA Digga D – was handed a two-and-a-half year sentence in March for his role in planning a terrifying machete and knife brawl with a rival gang.

In a picture posted on social media Herbert, 19, part of the Ladbroke Grove gang in West London, posed outside jail after being released towards the end of May due to time spent on remand.

In June 2018, Herbert was among a mob caged for a machete attack plot on rivals in Notting Hill.

In a landmark ruling, the judge banned Herbert and other members of the 1011 street gang from making videos that glorified or incited violence without police approval under a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

Members of the drill rap gang made history when the judge slapped them with three-year CBOs stating that new music releases must be approved by the Met.


But the teen rapper is now planning a song and music video, which he has boasted to pals will bag him a number one hit.

One said: "He may be under strict restrictions but he has no intention of keeping his mouth shut."

Herbert was associated with the ultra-violent 1011 and is a member of a rap crew known as CGM who have racked up millions of views on YouTube.

Police say drill rap videos on YouTube can incite violence and play a significant role in inter-gang violence including murder among London gangs.

Herbert has a fanatical legion of followers.

Two of them have been previously arrested for hacking into the Met's official Twitter account and used it to post messages demanding his release from prison.

He may be under strict restrictions but he has no intention of keeping his mouth shut

One hacker posted: “FREE DIGGA D ON FOENEM GANG.”

Herbert was convicted in March this year for his part in a street brawl in Westminster and sentenced to two years and six months.

Seven rival gang members were caged for more than 17 years over the vicious knife and machete fight in front of terrified shoppers.

He pleaded guilty to violent disorder and breaches of a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) and was released last month.

Photos posted on Instagram show him swigging from a bottle of booze in front of a Welcome Home sign, posing in a pal's car and sporting a designer watch as he celebrated his freedom.

In 2018, Herbert made a violent drill rap music video weeks after his release — with police approval.

The video shows him and another yob bragging of stabbings and shootings.

The Sun discovered the Met Police permitted the new vid and allowed it on YouTube after the duo, who appear with CGM, were freed.

A police spokesman said: "The Met is satisfied the video does not constitute a breach of the CBO."

Herbert and other members of the 1011 gang previously appeared on ex-BBC Radio One DJ Tim Westwood's YouTube channel.

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