Essex lad left like ‘Madge from Benidorm’ as tanning injections go very wrong

An Essex lad was left "looking like Madge from Benidorm" after getting dangerous tanning injections.

Dylan Wright wanted to make the most of his sunny mini break to Sitges, Spain, so decided to jab himself before his flight.

The 28-year-old bought £10 tanning injections online and administered two of them before he left for the airport.

But by the end of his six-day trip, the young man was attracting stares from fellow holidaymakers.

A jaw-dropping image Dylan posted to TikTok in December shows him looking extremely dark as he smiles drink-in-hand with best pal Jake Bolton, 29.

And, in another snap, he compares himself to a "pint of Guinness" as his bleached hair dramatically contrasted his bronzed skin.

Worryingly, the tanning error has left Dylan with the freckled skin of a 60-year-old.

He has a dry complexion and has suffered a cancer scare, which is why he's sharing the photos from his 2014 holiday to warn others not to make the same mistake.

Dylan, from Colchester, Essex, said: "The doctors called me an idiot and told me it's a side effect from the drug, but now I'm stuck with them. I've got loads of freckles all over my arms and my face.

"I've got freckles like I'm in my 50s or 60s. It feels like my skin's aged. I've still got the marks to show for it and it can have long-lasting effects."

"I remember saying to Jake on the third or fourth day [of the holiday], 'I'm going really, really dark', then I started getting lots of freckles on my arms and face that I'd never had before. "

He continued: "I didn't think too much of it. I hadn't forgotten about the injections but I thought they probably wouldn't work because I got them online.

"It got to last night and I remember getting ready and walking down the street. People were really staring, so I asked what was wrong and Jake told me, 'Dylan, you are black'.

"Because I have white features, I guess, it looked really odd. I looked like a pint of Guinness because I had this white top and white hair and I think that makes it funnier.

"After I saw the photo I thought 'oh my god, this is not cool'. I was more concerned about looking like Madge from Benidorm. I felt it really aged me and I didn't look great.

"Because the injections make tanning more efficient, being in the sun for nine hours a day is like being in the sun for a week every day and that was the problem. "

Dylan added: "I think you're only supposed to inject one of them, but I was scared of taking syringes through security, so I wanted to take two so they'd last the holiday.

"I bought them before to make the most of the sun. I went on the sunbeds a bit before the holiday but didn't take the injections until just before I left. I was too scared to take them away.

"No matter how hungover we were, we were out at the beach by 9am until 6pm. We didn't want to miss any sun while we were there because we weren't there for very long.

"I looked like I had a skin condition or something. I was single so luckily it didn't impact the way men were with me because I had a good holiday in that sense, so that wasn't an issue.

"Looking back I laugh and my friends always ask me to show new friends because they always can't believe it."

Dylan has shared his experiences with his family and on TikTok, where he's garnered 50,000 views.

He added: "I definitely learned my lesson, but in the comments to the video people are asking where do you get these and how can I do them.

"Anyone thinking of buying them, you should do your research because there's loads of articles on how dangerous they are.

"It's really not worth it. There's safer ways to tan, like fake tanning.

"I've not been on a sunbed since. It gave me a wake-up call. As you get older I've changed my habits. It's a classic case of being 20 and thinking you're invincible."

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