Etsy's a Gold Mine for Chic Crafts — Here's What We're Making Right Now

By this point in your stay-at-home journey, you’ve probably run through your fair share of adult coloring books, needlepoint projects, and baking recipes that have left you at an artistic standstill. If you’re less than thrilled with the ho-hum craft choices you have online, we’re here to report the good news: Etsy is overflowing with a range of crafts to keep your spirits high and help you channel your inner artist (*no experience required).

To help combat any indoor blues, we tapped Etsy’s savvy trends expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, for her top craft picks on Etsy to re-energize your creative gears while at home — and you can have the kids join too. These aren’t your grandma’s crafts: from gemstone-printed embroidery hoops to DIY shibori kits (move over regular tie dye), these crafts look like they could be sold at your favorite gift shop. After you run through a few of these Instagram-worthy DIY projects, perhaps you’ll feel inspired to start an Etsy shop of your own! Ahead, find Dayna’s top craft picks on Etsy to fend off any creative roadblocks.

Embroidery Hoops

In case you haven’t heard, embroidery hoops are the new black, if you will. Once you’ve nailed down the simple threading strokes, embroidery hoops are quite an easy and relaxing activity to do while you’re catching a movie with the family on the couch. This gemstone version isn’t your run-of-the-mill pattern you’ll find at your local craft store, so you can say goodbye to dated designs for good.

Shibori Indigo Kits

Consider shibori tie dye’s more refined, older sister. If you’ve had the itch to dye something at home recently, but aren’t quite down for the neon tie dye trend, this indigo kit is the perfect alternate. This kit will help guide you through the basics, so you can dye shirts, napkins, or whatever else your heart desires. Note that you can’t use synthetic fabrics with this method.

Starry Banner

Want to create something that looks super intricate but doesn’t require a sewing machine? This starry banner project comes with step-by-step instructions and only entails some basic hand-sewing that you’ll pick up in no time. Best of all, the seller will even chat with you if you need some extra help. Show off your hard work on a blank wall in your living room, above your bed, or in a hallway.

Stained Glass

When you think of stained glass, the first thought that comes to mind is probably the gorgeous windows you’ve seen in churches or in older homes with stunning architecture. However, if a stained window isn’t your cup of tea, you can have a small dose of it with this colorful DIY mosaic kit. This easy-to-follow craft is available in three designs: a flying bird, deer, or blooming flowers. This seller is also available to troubleshoot when you get stuck.


This isn’t your standard keychain-making kit from your grade-school days. Create a trendy lanyard for your keys in the exact color and design you want — they’ll look like something you’d pick up at your favorite boutique. From polka dots and stripes to ombre, you’ll never run out of styles to whip up. This craft is particularly great for the kids to join in on.

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