Everything you need to know about Saturday Kitchen Live star Matt Tebbutt

Matt Tebbutt might be known for his culinary skills on the BBC's Saturday Kitchen, but there's far more to the cooking star than fancy plating and good conversation.

From his 21 year marriage, published books and to visiting A&E not once but twice for cat bites, the 48 year old presenter has much more to offer than just his cooking prowess, reports My London.

An interesting starter course, if you will, is that he also happened to be born on Christmas Eve – just like boyband superstar Louis Tomlinson, so there's a connection you never knew you needed.

Matt has been a familiar face on British TV for years, having made his Saturday Kitchen debut back in 2009.

He has also hosted Channel 4's Food Unwrapped and ITV's Save Money: Good Food, as well as appearing on Market Kitchen, The Great British Menu and Drop Down Menu, so it's safe to say his kitchen experience is pretty vast.

And yet, despite whipping up some delicious looking plates of food in his time, Matt likes to keep his own meals simple.

He told the Great British Food Awards: "My ideal dish is a really good piece of meat or fish cooked beautifully and simply.

"I’m not into tricks and foams – there’s nothing nicer than a piece of grilled meat with some great seasonal produce."

He added: "Well-judged cooking with really fresh ingredients, cooked simply with good company and good wine constitute my ideal meal."

Matt has published quite an extensive range of cooking books, including Guilty Pleasures and Weekend: Eating at Home: From Long Lazy Lunches to Fast Family Fixes, which was published in November of last year.

Matt’s spat with Bake Off star

Having a bit of an outspoken personality tends to come with the territory of being, well, a TV personality.

And Matt isn't shy from showing his, having previously clashed with a Bake Off contestant over an appearance on Daily Kitchen Live in 2021.

Former finalist Ruby Tandoh, who competed in the 2013 series, called Tebbutt a "g**" online after Matt's appearance co-hosting alongside Jack Monroe, famous for her campaign against food poverty.

Matt had made some discouraging comments about Monroe's preferred use of bottled lemon juice over fresh lemons.

In a rather dramatic moment, he said he found bottled juice "distressing", and that it reminded him of a "pancake day in the 70s".

The Bake Off finalist said: "WHAT is the point in co-presenting a cooking show with @BootstrapCook [Jack Monroe] for affordable and accessible recipes if you're gonna spend half the time ragging on bottled lemon juice and frozen spinach. honestly GROW UP."

Is Matt Tebbutt married?

Matt is happily married, and recently celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary with wife Lisa, having been together since before his TV debut.

The couple used to run the Foxhunter restaurant in Nant-y-Derry, Monmouthshire, which won the AA Restaurant of the Year for Wales in 2004.

After 13 years, the restaurant closed in 2015.

The couple have two children, a son named Henry and a daughter named Jessie.

Last month, Tebbutt worried fans after being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

Sharing a pic with his 71.8k Instagram followers, he captioned the photo: "Me, a morphine drip and an emergency appendectomy."

He thanked staff at The Grange hospital in Gwent, praising the "brilliant health service" and saying he was “so grateful.”

Matt has made two previous trips to A&E for treatment for a cat bite.

RAF career

Matt was originally focusing on a career as an RAF pilot when he decided to change direction and become a chef.

In an interview with Yours magazine, he said: “I was part of the RAF Air Cadets while I was studying anthropology at Oxford Brookes University and I got into the habit of cooking for my fellow cadets in the squadron.

"I found out that I wasn’t too bad. It changed the course of my life.

"I decided that signing up for a career in the RAF wasn’t the right thing for me and picked up a frying pan instead!"

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