Ex-Mormon sells penis-shaped waffles and racy snaps but Karens call cops on her

A mum who started selling penis-shaped waffles with her boyfriend earlier this year revealed some prudes called the cops on her.

Tawni Jade, who was raised a Mormon, said Karens who take offence are a pain in the backside.

But the majority of customers see the funny side and loved getting a mouthful of the creamy treats.

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The mum-of-two, who set up PM Waffles in Nashville, US, told Daily Star: “For the most part, we just get a lot of laughs and giggles but we do have a select few who have tried harassing our employees and gone as far as calling the cops on them while they’re set up at our cart selling waffles.

“It’s definitely been a headache dealing with but the officers have always had our back, thank goodness.”

Tawni, 34, is partnered with her boyfriend Garrett and they opened the business in early 2022.

They were inspired to make the whopper waffles erect after seeing similar ones at a storefront in Portugal.

And Tawni added: “We live in the bachelorette capital of the world so it just made sense to bring it to Nashville.”

The good humoured couple are now working on penis-shaped popsicles to give customers more variety.

“We can really accommodate everyone’s taste now,” Tawni laughed.

She is also working on launching a ‘bikini barista’ coffee shop which she hopes to open in the near future.

But as for the waffles, she added: “They sell very well but realistically we are still in the beginning stages so there is lots of room for growth. We have some really exciting opportunities coming up that are going to change the game, so stay tuned for sure.”

Tawni is certainly not shy when it comes to sex and she also makes money as a racy OnlyFans model.

She initially joined in 2020 after her nudes were leaked online but she said her humiliation has been turned into joy.

“I truly love who I am for the first time in my life,” she explained.

“I also have the freedom to work whenever I want. I get to connect with people all over the world and travel to places that I only dreamt of visiting before.

“Life has definitely changed a lot from getting noticed in public to having the means to buy steak dinners my son loves to devour.

“I get to build businesses to create a stable future for my children. The list goes on. I am forever grateful for my leap of faith.”

Despite the discrimination suffered over her choice of careers, she concluded: “I stay motivated and on this path regardless of the backlash I get as a mum on OnlyFans because I know I’m building generational wealth they will one day benefit from and be grateful for.”


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