Four adults French kiss for the first time ever in Seventeen video

That’s hardly romantic! Four adults try French kissing for the first time EVER for an awkward video that sees them locking lips on camera and rating their partner’s tongue action and breath

  • The six-minute clip shows four adults – three men, Darnell, JT and Sa’Quan, and one woman, Victoria – preparing for their first ever French kiss 
  • They paired off, before locking lips and ‘making out’ for the first time 
  • JT and Victoria were paired together, and both seemed nervous beforehand
  • Darnell and Sa’Quan were paired, and Sa’Quan described the kiss as a ‘hot mess’  
  • After locking lips, each person discussed what they thought of the experience before giving their advice to other kissing-newbies 

In an extremely awkward, and slightly cringe-worthy video, four adults lock lips for the very first time as they finally experience the act of French kissing. 

In the video, created by Seventeen for a new series called Seventeen: Firsts, four grown adults prepare for their first French kiss – and all while .

After pairing off, the two couples – one made up of a woman and a man, and the other made up of two men – French kiss for the first time ever, before opening up to the cameras about how it felt.

Awkward: A Seventeen YouTube video shows four people French kissing for the very first time

Newbies: The four participants spoke about their lack of kissing experience before locking lips with each other and experience a French kiss for the first time 

The beginning of the video shows snippets of the four, evidently terrified, kissing-newbies preparing to French kiss someone for the first time. 

Victoria, Darnell, Sa’Quan and JT each spoke about their kissing experience, or lack thereof. 

Sa’Quan said: ‘I get very shy. It never gets past the texting stage.’

Explaining her reason for never French kissing anyone before, Victoria said: ‘I’ve never had the opportunity, and maybe partially because I’m a little scared.’

Darnell explained that when it comes to French kissing, he ‘never seizes the moment.’ 

JT added: ‘My lips were more so used for talking than they were for kissing. So I guess that’s why I’ve never really kissed a person before.’ 

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Preparation: Two of four participants Darnell (left) and Sa’Quan (right) had previously never French kissed anybody, with Sa’Quan admitting that he ‘gets shy’ 

A big moment: Victoria (left) said the reason she has never French kissed someone is because she ‘never had the opportunity’, while JT (right) said his lips are usually only used for talking

The four participants, who each confessed that they didn’t have much knowledge of French kissing, explained that most of what they have seen and read about has been in movies and books. 

JT and Victoria even admitted that they have previously used Google to try to figure out how to French kiss. 

‘I don’t know the difference between a French kiss and a regular kiss,’ Sa’Quan admitted. 

JT added: ‘You want to make sure you give them that 80 to 20 ratio. You want to make sure that the person who is the kiss-ee, you want to give them your focus and making sure that they’re ready for your kiss and that they want that. 

‘You want to make sure that magic is in the air,’ he added. 

Victoria explained that her understanding of perfecting the French kiss comes down to math. 

‘Don’t tilt your head too much at this angle, it’s more like a slight right angle,’ she explained. 

Nervous: Sa’Quan and Darnell, who were both evidently nervous about French kissing for the first time counted down from three before locking lips 

Breaking the awkwardness: JT aimed to break the tension between himself and Victoria before their kiss by complimenting Victoria’s hair

Three, two, one! Darnell and Sa’Quan eventually leaned towards each other and had their very first French kiss, before Sa’Quan pulled away and said ‘that was horrible’ 

A special moment: In their very first ever French kiss, JT and Victoria leaned toward each other and held their kiss for just a few seconds before pulling away and giggling 

The four participants then split into pairs: JT with Victoria, and Sa’Quan with Darnell. 

And the pre-kiss chat was just as awkward as you would imagine. 

JT told Victoria: ‘I like your haircut,’ while Sa’Quan and Darnell simply counted down to the moment of their kiss. 

The kiss itself, for both parties, lasted just a short couple of seconds. 

Darnell and Sa’Quan both admitted that they were ‘underwhelmed’ by the kiss, with Sa’Quan even adding that the kiss was ‘a hot mess’.

Meanwhile Victoria had a slightly more pleasant experience. She said: ‘It was fun, I guess. I’m glad I got it over with.’

JT, who was slightly disappointed with the kiss, said: ‘I don’t know, it wasn’t French enough. I don’t know how to explain it.

‘I wanted more tongue,’ he added. 

On a better note, both pairs spoke about their partner’s breath after the kiss. 

JT said of Victoria: ‘Her breath was really good, and it tasted good too. That’s what I really enjoyed. I could taste it.’

Describing Sa’Quan, Darnell said: ‘His breath was good, no complaints there.’

Underwhelmed: Sa’Quan and Darnell had a somewhat unpleasant experience. Sa’Quan said that the kiss was a ‘hot mess’ 

A relief: Although JT was slightly disappointed with his kiss with Victoria, the pair seemed relieved to have gotten it over with 

Concluding, JT said: ‘I don’t know if she wasn’t a good kisser, maybe I wasn’t kissing her good enough. I know that I was kissing her good enough though. But, I don’t know, it wasn’t there for me.’

Sa’Quan said: ‘I’m glad I did it and, yeah, it does feel like a relief.’ 

Victoria added: ‘It’s a little weird to have someone’s tongue in your mouth.’

‘I feel bamboozled because in the movies it’s so elaborate and it’s in slow motion,’ Darnell added.   

The four participants gave their advice to anyone preparing for their first kiss, with JT saying: ‘It’s a first kiss and it’s always going to be awkward, so don’t expect it to be perfect.’

Victoria said: ‘Go for it, and don’t be nervous like I was. Don’t put it off until you’re over-thinking about it.’

Sa’Quan added: ‘I had it all planned out, and it did not go that way.’

Darnell advised kissing newbies to ‘go in there with an open mind.’ He said overthinking ‘kind of killed’ his first French kiss.  

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