Funniest things seen on public transport – from train cheese to announcements

Public transport can be a funny thing – plenty of us use it everyday, but with so many people packed on board there’s bound to be the occasional unusual antic.

Over on Reddit, in the Casual UK forum, thousands of Brits came together to share the funniest things they’d ever seen on trains, buses and tubes around the country.

And, some of the stories had people crying with laughter.

Posting in the group, one man said: “What's the funniest thing you have ever seen on public transport?

”One time I was running late to work and I got on this train that was relatively empty but consisted of mostly a bunch of really fit mums with their babies going about their day.

“One of these women was standing up near the door areas and had a little boy in a pushchair and a little girl whose name I recall to be Clare, who was I'm guessing 5/6.

“Clare would just ask questions non stop, it was quite cute but a little annoying. She had the full attention of everyone on this train because her voice was very loud.”

He added: "As we approached a stop, Clare's mum told her that her best friend Sadie was getting on at the next stop. Clare immediately span towards the door and started doing tippy taps in excitement of the train to stop and her best friend to be there.

“Train pulls into the station, doors open… No one is there. Her disappointment was immeasurable, day completely ruined.

“Then up the aisle, on the same carriage, her friend called out to her… 'Clare'… and she span, her smile returned she screamed 'Sadieee' and these two little girls ran towards each other full pelt up the aisle and they hold each other in a massive hug.”

So far, so cute, but the poster continued: “Then Clare lifted her arms wide as if she was describing the size of a fish with her hand and while these women were swooning she very loudly said: ‘Guess what Sadie, I did have a look at my daddy's willy and it was this big’.

“I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.”

We bet her mother was mortified. Over 10,000 people liked the post and over 1,300 people commented with their own tales.

One wrote: “I once saw a lad sneeze so hard that he head butted the request stop button on a bus. The tiny ding as he made contact with it was gold.”

A third laughed: “A guy running for the train ran into the just-closed doors at full speed, hard enough to make the whole train shake.”

And, a public transport worker added: “I once saw a man sit at a table, get himself comfortable and then pull out an entire homemade cheese board.

“Wooden chopping board, a spread of cheeses and chutneys, a nice crusty loaf. He just sat there enjoying what I imagine was the most exquisite travel experience ever.”

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And, many other Reddit users claimed the train announcements had them rolling.

One reply said: “I used to work for British Rail (that tells you how long ago it was) and one time one of the station announcers said ‘We apologise for the delay of this train, this was due to a bloody c**k up’.”

“The other day I was stuck on the tube and got an update from the driver to let us know that there were was nothing to update us on,” wrote another.

While a third added: “My favourite announcement was ‘we'd like to remind everyone this is a non smoking train………. this includes the gentleman in carriage D’.”

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on public transport? Tell us in the comments section…

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