‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Amelia Confesses To Link That He May Not Be The Father Of Her Baby

Amelia has some explaining to do during the Jan. 30 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Plus, Teddy loses her engagement ring and Meredith bonds with Hayes.

Hayes may be McWidow but he’s still totally dreamy. He’s a knight in a shiny scrub helping Amelia tie her shoe. Meredith tries to act like she’s not paying attention but she totally is. She heads over to chat with DeLuca and begins to flirt with him. There’s still so much to be discussed between these two but now is not the time.

Meanwhile, Teddy has lost her engagement ring, which is also a Hunt family heirloom. Owen has the day off but comes to the hospital to talk to Teddy about wedding plans. It doesn’t take Teddy long to break down in tears and tell him about the ring. Turns out, Allison swallowed the ring! Amelia isn’t far away and she’s approaching a delicate subject with Link. She confesses to him that there’s a chance that he’s not the father of her baby. Link doesn’t get angry but asks if Owen knows. Amelia says to Link that she’s come to him first. She tells Link that she doesn’t need a paternity test to know that she wants to be with him. She names all the things she loves about him. “I’m in love with you, Link,” Amelia says. “The genetics don’t matter to me.” But will they matter to Link?

Bailey and DeLuca meet a new patient, played by Suits star Sarah Rafferty. She’s a devoted mother of two kids who has found herself back in the hospital again. The kids cling to her. They don’t want to lose their mom. The patient, Suzanne, reveals that her husband died last year. He went to the hospital with a migraine and the doctors told him to go home. He wasn’t fine, so she wants to be extra careful. Bailey and DeLuca remove fluid from around Suzanne’s heart but don’t know the cause. Afterward, her kids run to her side. Bailey says they need to stay away so there’s not a risk of infection. Bailey and DeLuca are determined to find out what’s going on with Suzanne.

Richard goes to Maggie’s place and demands to talk about her quitting. Maggie is not in a good place. He tries to convince her to come back and take some of the blame but she’s not having it. Richard admits it crossed the line. Family doesn’t operate on family. He doesn’t want Maggie to give up on being a doctor. She’ll be quitting on all those lives on she can save.

Link tells Jo about Amelia’s bombshell. Their conversation gets pushed aside for a patient but they do chat later. Jo makes him second guess his super chill attitude about the whole thing. Jo knows that Owen will want to be a part of the baby’s life if he’s the father. “You can love her and be mad at her at the same time,” Jo says to Link.

Meredith and Hayes work together on a teenage boy who has vaped to the point of destroying his lungs. While they work, Hayes reveals that his wife died two years ago this week. Meredith tells him that the pain “gets better” as time goes on.

Bailey winds up telling Tom that she had a miscarriage. He tells Bailey that she should light a candle and reveals that his ex-wife miscarried twice. Every year on what would be their kids’ birthdays, he lights a candle. He understands the loss that Bailey is feeling. Link and Amelia have a heartbreaking conversation about their future. Link says that he should have known from the beginning if it was a possibility he wasn’t the father. Amelia admits she messed up. “I’m sorry that I hurt you,” she tells him. Link is well aware that a bunch of people are involved in this situation and they deserve to know what’s going on. “I deserve to know,” he adds. As for what the future holds, Link wants to take it one step at a time.

The episode ends with Meredith helping DeLuca with Suzanne’s case. He is desperate to save her. Meredith is there to calm him down and lead the way. Bailey goes to the chapel and lights a candle. Richard comes home to Katherine, who says it’s time they have a “much bigger conversation” about their future.

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