Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union and more sing, dance in Women's History Month challenge

Oscar-winner Ruth E. Carter got a few very impressive celebs, including Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union, to participate in a fun, empowering challenge for Women’s History Month.

“Ladies! Let’s have some fun for the rest of #WomensHistoryMonth and show the world when women unite anything is possible. I nominate @halleberry @gabunion @im.angelabassett @tasha4realsmith @lupitanyongo and @juneambrose to upload a video dancing and/or lip syncing to your favorite Women’s Empowerment Song. Use this same caption and nominate three women who inspire you to keep it going and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WomenDancingTogether,” she wrote.

In her video, Carter is dancing and singing to Beyonce because of course!

Berry responded to her fellow Oscar winner and sang to Destiny’s Child, Beyonce’s old group. We see a pattern forming here.

“Thank you @therealruthecarter for challenging me this #WomensHistoryMonth to dance like I damn well please. This one goes out to the incredible female survivors I have encountered in my life, the women who have the tenacity to live on their own terms. The ones who take risks, hustle hard and will stop at nothing to provide the best life for themselves and the people they love. Let’s keep this going! @ciara @kellyrowland @reesewitherspoon I wanna see what you got!! ? @destinyschild @rikerbrothers #WomenDancingTogether,” she wrote.

In Union’s post, she not only accepted but challenged all-around social media boss, Chrissy Teigen.

“We have all been through something in this life. We’ve all fallen and didn’t want to get up. We’ve had our hearts broken. We’ve all experienced failures. All women share these common truths and we can ALL rise when we stick together and uplift each other. Let’s keep this going and laugh and have fun along the way,” she wrote.

Union has been on a tear this month, empowering women across all genres and cultures.

Just this week, the actress, who is married to NBA star Dwyane Wade, said she doesn’t want to be called a “basketball wife.”

She described Wade to InStyle as a “Hollywood husband.”

“How about Dwyane Wade is Gabrielle Union’s husband? There are no stereotypes or terms for men who are married to successful women. It’s only in the reverse,” she added.

This new, fun movement is still growing by the second.

In the meantime, sing, dance and enjoy your favorite empowering song because it’s Friday!

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