Heiress who lives in her parents mega-mansion stays with skint family

Heiress who lives in a mega-mansion with 12 bathrooms and spends £100 a week on takeaways is left humbled as she swaps lives with a family of five who get by on £54 a month after bills

  • Devon, lives in parents’ Exeter mega-mansion, has monthly allowance of £500
  • She’s never had to worry about money and spends £50 to £100 on takeaways
  • Goes to stay with Paul and Samie Gibbins and their three young kids in Lincoln 
  • Humbled by skint way of life as they tell her they’re left with £54 in bank a month

A rich heiress who splashes her parents’ money on designer labels and takeouts is humbled by swapping lives with a struggling family of five. 

Trainee solicitor Devon, from Exeter, appears in tomorrow night’s Rich Kids Go Skint on 5Star at 9pm, leaving behind her parents’ mega-mansion, which boasts 12 bathrooms and three kitchens, to stay with the Gibbins family, in Lincoln. 

Devon’s parents pay all her bills, and give her a monthly allowance of £500 or more to fill her needs. 

Her life is a world away from delivery driver Paul and stay-at-home mother Sammie’s and their three children, who scrape by on a combined salary and benefits of £1,730 a month. 

After bills, childcare and food, they’re left with just over £50 for the rest of the month, and are also struggling with £3,000 debt. 

For the rich heiress, their ‘shocking’ way of living is a humbling experience that leaves her thankful.  

Heiress Devon, from Exeter, gets a taste of the skin life while staying with a family-of-five in Lincoln on 5STAR’s Rich Kids Go Skint. Pictured: Left: Devon, right, Sammie and Paul Gibbins with their children 

Devon lives in her parents’ mega-mansion, which has 12 bathrooms and three kitchens. Her parents pay her bills and give her a monthly allowance of £500

Devon has always benefited from the financial support of her parents, and has no idea how to budget. 

She admits to spending a lot on designer items, from Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags to £800 on a designer coat.

‘The fact that my coat is almost the same price as their rent makes me feel a bit guilty,’ she said.

The student also buys £50 to £100 worth of takeaways a week, on top of a £100 weekly-shop just for herself. 

Staying with the Gibbins, Devon realises the importance of budgeting and learns to be thankful for what she has 

With her financial needs looked after by her parents, Devon spends her money on outings, takeaways and beauty treatments 

‘I wouldn’t say I really have to worry about money, my parents always kinda back me up. I don’t have to be super cautious about it,’ she explained. 

And Devon is so sheltered that she has no idea how much basic items costs. 

She thinks the cheapest bottle of milk costs £2, and that bread cost an average of £2.50.

On her way to the Gibbins’ house, the young heiress, used to the finer things in life, remarked ‘No Waitrose.’ 

And the cultural shock kept growing as she approached her hosts’ house. 

‘It looks a bit rough, quite run down, there’s a lot of rubbish on the floor, the houses look quite small,’ she said. ‘I guess I am a little bit out of my comfort house.’

On meeting the family, Sammie is especially shocked when Devon admits she spends all her money on nights out and beauty treatments. 

The Gibbins have about £1.730 coming in every month thanks to Paul’s salary of £1.100 and Sammie’s £630 of benefits. After paying their rent, bills and paying off their debt, they are left with about £50 at the end of the month

The Gibbins all share a small three-bedroom terrace, and space is scarce. Devon, having grown-up with luxury, learns to adapt 

Sammie takes the young heiress to a charity shop to show her you can get nice things for a smaller price 

‘It upsets me a little bit to think she doesn’t have to think about what she spends on clothes or her hair or her beauty,’ she said. 

Paul earns £1.100, while Samie receives £630 of benefits. After paying their rent, which comes in at about £535, their utility bills and food shops, the couple is left with about £50. 

They have a £3,000 of debt which they’re trying to pay back each month, and have resorted to visiting food banks in order to feed their children. 

‘If we had Devon’s allowance we could be out of debt in four months,’ Sammie said.

At home, Devon’s parents hire a cleaner and would not take on repairs themselves. With the Gibbins, she has to help Paul fix the bathroom door 

The heiress learns to cook for food. She usually is not much of a cook, spending £50 to £100 on deliveries

‘We could save for a new house, our life could be dramatically changed, which is scary to think,’ she added.

Sammie wanted to be nurse but had to drop out of the training to look after the kids.  

Throughout their week together, Sammie and Paul introduced Devon to their lifestyle and stress how important budgeting is for them. 

She’s used to having a cleaner around the house, but mucked in with the weekend cleaning and cooking, and helped Paul fix the bathroom door.  

Sammie also took her to the charity shop in order to find gifts for her three children, which she initially felt was ‘too much work’. 

But she was impressed with Sammie’s ability to budget and to spot a bargain, and managed to find three gifts for £7.46. 

Paul and Sammie are shocked by Devon’s lifestyle. In turn, the heiress learns that they have to budget every single aspect of their lives due to money concerns

Devon offers to babysit for Paul and Sammie to give them a little bit of time to themselves, but things don’t go as planned when the children prove a lot to handle 

At home, Devon has three bathrooms to herself – and doesn’t even use them all. She explains that her parents’ house is the size of three small houses 

‘When I saw how much the family had to budget it was quite eye-opening,’ Devon said.

‘I don’t have to think about how much I have left for the week. It’s very hard what they have to do.’ 

Shaken by her realisation, Devon offered to help the couple by babysitting their children for an evening.

But the activity proved more challenging than she thought when the children became agitated and bickered with each other. 

But at the end of the experience, Devon was sad to leave the Gibbins. 

‘It’s kinda sad to leave the family, they’re all so nice. It was really opening to see how other people live,’ she said.

‘I loved the time I spent with the family. I think I’ll take away the fact that I am very lucky, and I need to appreciate that a bit more and realise that not everyone is lucky enough to live the way I live,’ she says. 

Rich Kids Go Skint airs tomorrow at 9pm on 5STAR. 


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