Here’s What Luke P. Thinks About His Sex-Shaming Comments To Hannah On ‘The Bachelorette’

Despite all of the rest of the men (and viewers at home) pleading with Hannah to get rid of Luke P. on The Bachelorette, she’s continuously kept him around — that is, until Monday night. As previews have shown, Luke P. sex-shames Hannah during their Bachelorette Fantasy Suite date, and the resulting argument seemingly gets him sent home. But since The Bachelorette has been teasing what he is going to say for weeks, Luke P. has already addressed his behavior toward Hannah on social media. And while Luke P. knows he’s "not perfect," his comments indicate he still has a lot to learn.

Luke has been very vocal about his Christianity from the outset of The Bachelorette. However, it wasn’t until after Hannah bungee jumped partially naked with Garrett that it became clear his religion has led to him having some controlling views about sex. Hannah wasn’t having it then, and it looks like this will once again become an issue during the Fantasy Suite date, since he tells her in the preview, "Let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I’d completely remove myself from this relationship." Fans will see how this moment plays out in its entirety on Monday night, but the promo makes it seem that Hannah sends Luke home after powerfully defending her right to do whatever she damn well pleases with her body.

Luke has said he was sexually promiscuous in the past, but after he embraced Jesus, he changed his ways. Now, he believes "the marriage bed should be kept pure," as he tells Hannah during the Fantasy Suite date. Because even though he signed up for a show like The Bachelorette, on which the entire premise is one woman dating multiple men to find a potential husband, Luke doesn’t approve of Hannah being sexual with him — or anyone else — until marriage.

With her comment, "I have had sex and honestly, Jesus still loves me," Hannah takes down Luke P.’s narrow view that to be religious, a woman must be "pure." But it doesn’t seem that Luke has really learned anything from his experience with Hannah or the backlash he’s already facing from viewers. After Week 3, Luke decided to "address the elephant in the room" on Instagram, but didn’t actually apologize for his actions. He wrote:

Since Luke has displayed toxic behavior multiple times, it’s not clear if the "flaws as a man" he was referencing were how he tried to control Hannah’s sexuality or something else entirely. But he got more specific on the subject in his "BACH" Instagram Story.

"I’m not a virgin and never claimed to be . . but I have decided to wait until marriage with my future wife," Luke wrote, addressing the promo that showed their impending Fantasy Suite date. Again, he stated that he isn’t perfect and added, "I do want to get this right for my own personal growth. I’m excited about this opportunity to mature, not many people get too [sic] see their flaws on national television . . #blessingandacurse"

Deciding to refrain from sex until he’s married is 100% Luke’s choice to make, but that doesn’t mean he can force Hannah to do the same, nor does he have any right to dictate what she does with the other men. It might make him feel uncomfortable or jealous, but Luke can’t police her body or her actions — nor should he shame her for them.

Clearly, Luke thinks he is demonstrating "growth" by saying he’s trying to learn from the experience and admitting that he’s not perfect. But he’s yet to directly address what, exactly, it is that he did wrong. Perhaps after the episode airs, he’ll have some new insights to share — especially since there’s still The Men Tell All and he got a Twitter just in time for the big episode. But until then, all this sounds like is empty platitudes. So if Hannah really does send him packing as it appears, she’s better off without him.

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