Hilarious social media posts reveal VERY bad attempts at lying

Who do you think you’re kidding? Hilarious social media posts reveal people who were caught in a lie online – including a woman who’s own MOTHER called her out

  • Diply shared posts from around the world of people who were caught lying
  • One woman was caught fibbing about why she cancelled plans with a friend 
  • Another’s poor editing skills revealed they were telling porkies about their body

Most people telling boastful lies would avoid posting on social media to reduce the risk of getting found out… but these people couldn’t help themselves.  

Diply has rounded up a selection of posts from around the world that capture the moment people were caught telling porkies online.

Among the snaps include those who’ve attempted to edit their appearance in a bid to find love online, and another whose own mother called her out when she claimed she grew up in poverty.

Elsewhere, one woman told a friend she was busy working but later posted a status update about enjoying cocktails with her husband. 

Diply rounded up a selection of hilarious times people have been caught exaggerating the truth – including one person, from the US, was caught pretending to have won a race after the real winner commented on their post 


Another individual was caught exaggerating their sporting skills, when someone found their photograph on a Google search

This woman was called out when she couldn’t explain how her romantic photo was taken

Who needs a personal trainer? One man argued his photograph on Facebook wasn’t edited, despite his belly button disappearing and the noticeable difference in skin colour 

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An American woman who told her Facebook friends she lived in poverty growing up,was left embarrassed when her mother listed the things they had 

One woman, from an unknown location, posted about enjoying cocktails after cancelling dinner plans with her friend 

The owner of a bar in Cardiff was left less than impressed when someone wrote a bad review before they had even opened for business

An individual, from an unknown location, who was being dubbed an inspiration for going vegan was left red-faced after a friend revealed they had eaten chicken earlier that day 

A woman was caught lying about her visit to the desert after her Instagram followers spotted she had been edited into her photo 

Call MTV’s Catfish! A man, from the US, raised suspicions on a dating app after users noticed his photograph had been heavily edited 

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