Holby City review with spoilers: Evan’s secrets are out and is Bernie dead?

Jack Ryder is doing a superb job of being Holby City’s latest villain. The audience has always seen that Evan Crowhurst was a bit ‘off’ in his treatment of Chloe Godard (Amy Lennox), but apart from Cameron (Nic Jackman) nobody else realised it until the last couple of episodes. You could see Ange (Dawn Steele)’s misgivings as Chloe was emotionally coerced into marrying Evan before his surgery, but in this latest episode Evan’s true colours started to be properly revealed.

Chloe began to have suspicions when she discovered that it was Evan who approached Hanssen (Guy Henry) about a consultant’s post, not the other way round. He tried to get out of that one by telling Chloe she’d ‘misremembered’ what he’d said to her – classic gaslighting designed to make Chloe doubt herself. Luckily she has strong allies in Cameron and Dominic (David Ames). Dom has been through a similar situation with Isaac of course, and he recognised the signs. ‘This is starting to feel really similar,’ he told his sister. They worked out that it must have been Evan who forwarded the email to Chloe about Dom being her brother. Chloe also told Dominic about the mysterious Sophie, who was down as Evan’s next of kin.

With Dominic’s encouragement Chloe got Sophie’s number from Evan’s phone and called her. When Sophie (Sally Scott) turned up on Darwin it wasn’t long before Chloe discovered the truth – that Sophie was married to Evan for three years and had a son with him. He isolated Sophie from her family and friends, and persuaded her she was ‘broken’ and nobody else would have her. ‘He’s dangerous,’ she said.

Evan has already driven Chloe to start self-harming again, but she found the strength to reject him and tell him to go. If you’ve seen the summer trailer, you’ll perhaps not be reassured that we’ve seen the end of him just yet.

Partly thanks to Evan’s evil influence, Cameron was in a bit of a mess in this episode. He hasn’t been sleeping and he’s suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. It also doesn’t help that he feels he’s always in the shadow of his illustrious mother, army medic and Holby legend Bernie Wolfe. A patient, Jerry (Sam Frenchum), who’d been in the army and had previously been operated on by Bernie, really got under Cameron’s skin, so much so that Cameron made a mistake in theatre later when he panicked. Serena (Catherine Russell) was really kind to him after this, and later on Cameron redeemed himself by doing really well in theatre when Jerry needed another op.

At one point, Cameron had been about to resign. He threw the resignation letter away after this second successful op and seemed to make peace with his feelings about Bernie as he was talking to Jerry. Then he got some terrible news – there’s been an explosion where Bernie is currently stationed and she’s missing in action.

To lighter matters now, and Henrik Hanssen is rather adorably navigating his way through the world of grandparenthood. He’d upset Oskar by telling him the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist. Had he done the right thing? He asked the super-rational Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) whether her daughter Emma believed in the Tooth Fairy. ‘Of course she does,’ she replied. ‘What kind of monster do you take me for?’ The Tooth Fairy also leaves Emma little notes in tiny handwriting, complete with illustrations. Hanssen decided to make one of these for Oskar and showed it to Carole Copeland (Julia Deakin). ‘Too formal?’ he wondered. ‘Too lovely,’ she said. And it looks like their dancing partnership is going ahead, too.

And Zav (Marcus Griffiths) was throwing himself into house-hunting but couldn’t help noticing that Donna (Jaye Jacobs) kept hiding from him. Finally he got to the bottom of what was bothering her. She doesn’t want to live in the suburbs – she’s a city girl and can’t sleep without traffic noise. Zav said he didn’t mind where he lived as long as it’s with her and the girls. Adorable.

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