Homeless woman dies shortly after ‘being attacked on streets by a man’

A homeless woman who died on the streets of Liverpool may have been badly beaten by a man before she passed away, it is claimed.

Volunteer teams were told last night of the death of an Irish woman, known as Winnie, who had been living on the city's streets for about a year.

Unconfirmed reports suggest Winnie may have been attacked shortly before her death.

The incident is believed to have occurred around a fortnight ago, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Michelle Langan, who runs a charity that works with rough sleepers, said she was only recently informed of Winnie's death.

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Ms Langan said she had last seen Winnie, who she said was in her 50s or 60s, on Christmas Day.

She said: "Last time I saw her was waking her up on Christmas Day in the doorway of Next.

"She was an older lady – very loud and opinionated. All of the homeless knew her – she was a real character.

"When we woke her on Christmas morning she said she wasn't bothered that it was Christmas Day – she said she had lost a child on Christmas Day so it wasn't a day she celebrated."

Details around Winnie's death have not been confirmed, but Ms Langan said some of those on the streets who knew her said she may have been attacked recently.

She said: "The homeless community only found out this week that she had died.

"One of the girls told us she died two weeks ago, the lady said she had been beaten up by a man.

"We heard that she ended up in the Royal – checked herself out and went to stay with a friend and died."

She added: "It’s so upsetting and frightening for other women on the streets."

Ms Langan said she is desperate for Winnie to be remembered properly and not become another statistic.

She added: "I just can't let it go by – she deserves better than that."

Merseyside Police was contacted by the Mirror and says it is now investigating the incident .

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