Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for November 8

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If you’re travelling, frustration could be avoided by opting for short-distance travel or if it’s a long trip you have in mind, prepare yourself beforehand for possible delays. Long waits at airports and train stations or technical difficulties could foul things up. Even so, once you arrive at your destination, you will soon put this all behind you.


Committing to a partnership, whether business or romantic, will be the start of a bond that will become more precious to you than gold. Achieving personal success through teamwork will take you on to bigger and better achievements. You can still take care of your own interests while working as part of a team.


Be persistent and let other people know your thoughts if there is something you want and feel strongly about. You’ve got to keep at it until you achieve your aim. You can make a difference in your life. All you need is to have faith in your ability to turn dreams into the real thing.


You and a partner feel that two’s company and three is a crowd but that third person can’t seem to take a hint. One way to get the time you need together would be to sneak off to a quiet hideaway where you can’t be reached very easily.


You are determined to win the approval of your boss or a senior colleague, no matter how long it takes. Be sure your motivations are above board when trying to achieve a lofty goal. If there is anything sneaky or underhand about your methods, you will be found out.


New health-related activities, ending bad habits or taking up a new exercise routine are a big consideration. You’re also attracted to the idea of packing your bags and heading out in the big wide world. In doing so you will discover there is more to life than routine and responsibility.


There are things going on in your social world you don’t want to miss out on but can you really afford them? You feel under pressure financially. Be sensible. If the answer is no, there is plenty you can do to have fun without having to go into debt.


Sincerity and loyalty are everything now. If a friend asks you to keep a secret, be sure to honour that promise. If you take on an extra work assignment, don’t back out at the last minute. People are relying on you. Don’t let them down.


You could find yourself working with a colleague from another department for the first time. This will be the first step towards forging a successful friendship or business partnership. Although there’s nothing exciting about what you are doing, you have taken on an important job and finish it you will.


You’re sensible and hard-working but the same cannot be said of some people you know. A workmate seems to think there’s nothing wrong with calling in sick whenever they can’t be bothered and a friend has more money than sense. You will just get on with life as best you can. You don’t have time to moan.


Don’t feel you are on your own. Seek expert advice if you have a legal, health or financial problem. If you’re hoping to improve your skills, sign up on a training course. If you’re wanting to widen your social circle, join a gym or sports club or volunteer in the community.


A discussion will bring up memories that make you sad. Someone wants to know what’s on your mind. You will find it hard to discuss these feelings. Don’t let anyone force you to talk about it, when you would rather not. Some things are best kept to yourself.

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