‘I busted my man at strip club – I went on stage, dumped him and made £76 tips’

A woman pulled a revenge stunt on her now ex-boyfriend when she found out he had been visiting a local strip club.

Missy Peterson, who was sick of seeing her partner getting lap dances from the strip clubs, paid a monthly subscription tracking service on his car to check on him from time to time.

And it's not long until she found out he went to a strip club not far from where she lives in Laguna Beach, California.

"That one time I put a tracker on his car and when I found out he went to he strip club I went there, told the girls. They helped me get ready and I was the next on stage," the 40-year-old shares on TikTok.

She was given a quick 20-minute tutorial on "busting the bum" and put on a wig and an outfit before walking out on the stage and dancing for a Rhianna song.

"When I got on stage I walked over to him and whispered 'you want a show babe, watch this show', and I went to every single guy, making money, while he sat there in utter disbelief and pissed as hell.

"When I was done, I flipped him off and went off stage, told him we were through and to never speak to me again."

Many viewers praised the mum-of-two for "putting herself first".

One wrote: "And lady that's how it's done."

A second said: "This should be a movie or at the very least, an episode."

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But others were not too convinced, with a viewer saying it is "not possible" to just pull a dance in a strip club.

"Cool story but they can't let you on stage, insurance reasons and all…" she added while another penned: "But all this just because he went to a strip club?

Missy Peterson said she made a $100 (£76) tips and was even offered a job by the strip club owner when she left, but she kindly turned it down.

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