I ghosted my best friend because she lied about me and I don't want the confrontation

DEAR DEIDRE: MY best female friend has let me down badly and now I want her out of my life for ever.

I’m a guy and have known my BFF for three years. We’re both 17.

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We got close really quickly and were inseparable. I told her everything.

But recently she’s been gossiping about me and I found out she lied about a boy she kissed.

I’ve realised that she’s sly, selfish and can’t be trusted.

For me the friendship is over. I hate confrontation so I’ve ghosted her, but she texts me like nothing’s wrong.

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DEIDRE SAYS:  Nobody likes confrontation but ghosting isn’t a good way of dealing with things.

She needs to know why you’re upset, and you both have to sort this out so you can move on.

My support pack, Rows With Friends, should help you to face her.

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