I make an extra £850 a month doing side hustle – and it helps saves lives | The Sun

A MAN has revealed how he makes hundreds of pounds from donating plasma – saving countless lives in the process.

Theo Binna claims he earns up to £850 a month from the unique side hustle, suggesting the process is a lot easier than you may think.

Posting on TikTok, he revealed that he regularly visits a local plasma clinic which pays for donations.  

During the process – which usually takes less than an hour – blood is collected out of the vein of one arm, he says.

A machine then separates plasma from red blood cells where it is collected in a bag before they are returned to your vein using the same needle.

Showing an image of his bank account, Theo claims he makes up to £118 per donation from the process – adding that the cash is tax free.

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In April, a fellow TikTok user sparked controversy after admitting she sells her blood plasma to afford her glamourous lifestyle – including getting her nails and lashes done each month.

The comments were quickly flooded with comments from people who benefit from plasma donations.

The clip, which quickly racked over one million views, were flooded with comments from people who benefit from plasma donations.

One user wrote, "I would not be here without people like you, I have sickle cell anemia and need many blood transfusions."

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Another said, "Thank you for donating, it always helped my dad and many other people."

Some commentators said Taya wasn't actually "donating" the plasma since she was being paid for it.

However, many had similar stories of donating plasma to pay rent or for an emergency medical procedure.

Liz Gramlich shared a similar story, saying she donates plasma twice a week to afford her monthly trips to Disney World.

Gramlich said she makes around £590 a month off plasma and the sessions are about an hour each.

"It changes each month but mine is typically $40 (£33) 1st time in week then $100 (£84) second," she said.

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Last year, the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) service said around 17,000 people a year receive donations.

But figures suggest the NHS has been relying on other countries to provide the plasma it needs amid a shortage fuelled by the effects of the covid pandemic.

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