If Your Crush Hasn’t Contacted You, Send These 8 Texts ASAP

Oops meant to text someone else! Anyways, how are you? Yes, we all remember high school. It seemed so easy then, to totally and unabashedly accidentally-on-purpose text our crush something weird, just to get some response. When it’s been a while, and your crush hasn’t contacted you, it’s easy to start to panic. Did they die? Did you miss a signal they were giving you that they weren’t into it? Did you talk too much about why Ariana Grande is iconic? (Not possible!)

From asking about a their fave coffee spot to sending a subtle brag about a new promotion, there are tons of ways to reach out to a crush after no contact. Texting first can be daunting, but taking the reins and being in charge can feel really good, and honestly, is kinda hot. Whether you’re a capital-A Alpha and a first text to a crush is NBD, or you’re on the shyer side and need a Scorpion Bowl and a pack of besties to proofread before sending a "Hey" (with no punctuation) — we’ve come up with eight foolproof ways to reach out to a crush who hasn’t contacted you that are better than, Sorry texted the wrong number!

1Miss. Manners

This is the type of text you send in the daytime, when you’re speculating what kind of hangout you want next with your crush. This is a way to ask your crush if they’re going to something that you already know they’re going to and make it look like it was your idea to go.

2Easy Breezy

This is the type of text you send at nighttime, when you’re already out with your friends lookin’ cute. It’s a last minute way to hang, and hopefully a chance for your crush to see you in your comfort zone — with your besties at your fave place.

3Just putting it out there.

This is a way to open communication without asking for a date or a set hangout time in the first text.

4Statement Piece

This is a way of asking someone to hang that skips the, "So, do you want to hangout?" And also gives your crush a chill way to let you down, "I’m actually pretty busy! I don’t think I have time," which takes the pressure off of "No, I don’t want to go on a date."

5Caring Questions

Maybe your crush was on their way to a big final or applying for a new job. Asking about how something went shows you remember the conversation, and care enough about them to check in.


If you and your crush bond over humor, you’ve probably shared jokes or little bits. Sending a "callback" or a reminder of a joke you’ve made in the past shows that you are smart and funny (duh) and that you remember the bit.

7Keep it simple.

There’s also nothing wrong with a "Hey! What’s up?" or something equally mellow, that says, I’m wondering how you’re doing today.

8Thinking of you!

If you see something in your day that makes you think of your crush, a dog with floppy ears or a giant fake dinosaur, it can be cute to send your crush a pic, or a funny selfie. It reveals both your personality, and your sense of humor.

Texting a crush that hasn’t reached out to you can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! If there haven’t been many (or any) texts exchanged, look at reaching out to your crush as you getting to set the texting tone yourself. If you’re a lively and funny person — be lively and funny. If you’re more laid back and observational — that’s OK too. Above all, when reaching out to a crush after no contact, be yourself! If your crush knows what’s up, they’ll be super glad you did.

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