Im a stay-at-home girlfriend and love having it easy – I dont need to work

A woman has revealed what being a stay-at-home girlfriend is really like by filming her day-to-day life.

Summer Erica moved from Bristol to stay with her boyfriend Biggs in Glasgow, Scotland last June after graduating university.

She works as a freelance last technician and posts videos to her TikTok account @sumerica to show how she passes time at home.

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In the "stay-at-home girlfriend" series, she gives their dog Prince a cuddle when she wakes up, then makes her bed before breakfast.

"I made beans and waffles because we need to go grocery shopping, so bad girlfriend to me for actually doing nothing in the house," she said.

"But there we go, we moved. I then watched a movie when he went to work.

"Life of a lash tech, need to order some product, which costs £54.

"Then I get into shower, get ready for my day – started off with my sunbed and I finally did the food shop and I got him his favourite doughnuts from the local bakery.

"All of that was £33. He and his mum then came to get me and we went to Costco to look at some Christmas stuff and it was amazing."

She also says her boyfriend doesn't have to worry about her cheating on him, but added: "He does have to worry about the deliveries I get every day."

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Summer spends most of her time in the house doing chores – doing the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house and also feeding the dog.

With the lash business and the social media hustle, she earns roughly £500 a month and most of it is spent on clothes and makeup.

"If anyone’s ever horrible to me I’d just tell them I’m so grateful for what I do. I know I have it easy, but I’m no pampered princess," she told the Sun.

"I’d hate to give up this life. If I had to go back to work I would, but why would I when I don’t need to?"


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