Im keeping my surname after marriage – cruel trolls say well get divorce

A woman defended her decision for keeping her surname after people trolled her online.

Claudia Oprya discussed the topic with her 29-year-old partner Nick who insisted it's "absolutely fine".

The 25-year-old's choice comes as she wants to honour her Russian heritage by keeping her family name alive.

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But after her wedding planner made her decision public on TikTok, she was flooded with hateful comments from trolls.

The Australian said: "Most of my friends have taken their husband's surnames, and that's absolutely fine.

"It's just not for me. People online, though – mostly other women – have been really sh***y about it."

Trolls told Claudia that she's keeping her man on a tight leash, while others are calling out for their divorce.

But she simply doesn't care what people think as she's "proud" of her surname and wants to keep it alive.

She also explained she and her partner agreed to give any children they might have double-barrelled surnames.

Claudia added: "I'm a feather ruffler, and I always have been. But this shouldn't be a controversial decision.

"Internalised misogyny is so ingrained in us.

"It really offends people when someone dares to suggest women have their own identities.

"Yes, there may have been rules about taking a man's surname centuries ago – but they're made to be broken."

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It comes after Claudia was judged for her engagement ring as her family believe her fiancé should spend more.

Claudia has been engaged since July 20, 2022, and dons a £2,500 ($4,600 AUD) ring.

But despite its price tag, the TikToker is still judged by others because it's not a diamond.

Her ring is made from moissanite, which is a carbonite stone, with a similar appearance to a diamond.

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