Im married but cant stop myself from sleeping with other men and women

I’m married but I can’t stop sleeping with other men and women.

My husband travels a lot with his work. I know I shouldn’t do it, but the minute he leaves home I get dolled up and hit my favourite pubs and clubs.

I’ve always been chatty and flirty, so have no trouble seducing anyone up for a bit of fun.

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Guys enjoy being flattered while women like a laugh.

I invite my conquests back here for more booze and sex – and then throw them out at 7am.

I never arrange to see the same people again – I simply enjoy the thrill of the chase. But I don’t like myself for it.

Too often recently, I’ve woken up feeling like death warmed up. I’ve looked at the stranger next to me and felt physically sick.

After they go, I throw myself into the shower and scrub myself raw. I don’t know why this self-destructive streak runs through me.

My husband is a good man who loves me. We have a decent sex life and I know he’d be devastated to discover that I creep around behind his back.

I’m very good at covering my tracks – I clean the house from top to bottom after a lover has stayed over and keep separate bedding for my trysts.

I work, I have money, I love my family – so why am I such a lush? I can’t even blame a bad childhood because my parents were, and continue to be, amazing.

A few months ago, my oldest friend said she was no longer prepared to hang out with me.

She added that I disgusted her with my loose morals. Now I see her in town, but she walks past me, which is hugely upsetting.

JANE SAYS: We all like to feel appreciated and adored but you take “living it large” to a whole new level.

The minute your husband leaves, you revert to the life of a single person. You go out on the pull and get off on being admired, but it is a very silly game you play.

What about your sexual health and personal safety? What if you misjudge an individual – or your drink is spiked – and find yourself in a situation you can’t control? What about your reputation?

You’ve already lost one friend to your nocturnal shenanigans and now you could risk losing your husband, too.

What did he do to deserve this level of betrayal and inconsiderate behaviour? It doesn’t matter how carefully you clean your property or boil your bed sheets – you still soil your home with every sexual encounter.

Do drink or drugs play a role? Would you say that you act out of boredom or low self-esteem? Alternatively, do you have such a high opinion of yourself that you don’t believe the normal rules of decency apply to you?

Speak to trusted friends and family – and seek professional help – before your whole life implodes. I suspect you’re already drinking in the last-chance saloon.


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