‘I’m proud of curves – after butt surgery I make 6 figures a month on OnlyFans’

An OnlyFans performer who identifies as a “big girl” has opened up about the money her plus-sized image makes her on the sexy subscription site.

Vicky – who goes by Victorya online – has racked up an impressive 600,000 followers on Instagram, where she models in skimpy outfits in exotic locations.

As well as being naturally curvy, she has had multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her features.

And the bombshell opened up about the impact of her procedures on her earnings during an appearance on the No Jumper podcast.

At the time, Vicky was a fresh-faced 19 year-old, attending college to study business and finance when she started dating the “wrong type” of guy.

The adult star had also begun modelling on Instagram – making money from promoting clothes that were sent her way.

And, shortly before making the decision to have liposuction surgery, Vicky described how she had discovered OnlyFans.

She began teasing subscribers with intimate pictures and videos – and soon gained traction.

As well as liposuction, Vicky has had two Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), which is a cosmetic procedure that is currently banned in the UK.

“The first one was a half-a*sed BBL because the surgeon was trash,” she admitted.

“I always had a nice ass, even before I had the surgery, I just had a nice, thick shape, I’m just naturally big, I’ve always had thick thighs.”

But despite being proud of her features, Vicky worried that she might not be able to earn as much as her slimmer counterparts.

“At first I was so insecure because a lot of the girls who were making a lot of money were slim or they didn’t really look like me,” she recalled.

“I was really discouraged because I was like, ‘I’m big, I’m a good 200lbs (about 14 stone)… So I was a big girl and was like, ‘damn I don’t know if men are going to be on this vibe’.

But, Vicky revealed that she had been surprised by the results she had found on the platform, noting: “When I first started teasing I was making maybe $10-15 (thousand) and then once I started getting f***ed it was always six figures-plus a month.”

And, the model revealed that her family had been supportive of her work and decisions, saying: “I saw my mum get surgery first… I’m from Brazil so there’s a lot of surgeries, she just had a baby and I saw her and was like, ‘damn, so I can go from this to this’,” she remembered.

“This was before I started making any money, so my grandpa, he paid for my first surgery, I think it was $3-4000 (between £2300 and £3100).”

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