Indian bride who swapped traditional lehenga for a suit has no time for trolls

Attorney Sanjana Rishi from India is quite the fashion icon.

The legal professional, who also heads up a consciously created loungewear brand, naturally wanted her wedding day to feature her individual style.

Instead of the traditional lehenga worn by the bride in Indian weddings, Sanjana opted for a statement pantsuit.

The New Delhi bride, who married Dhruv Mahajan after a one-and-a-half-year long distance relationship, was spotted by photography page Humans of Bombay – a spinoff from Humans of New York.

The happy couple shared their story on the Instagram page – expressing how Sanjana defied tradition unapologetically.

She wrote that when Dhruv saw her in the pastel blue pantsuit, he whispered ‘you’ve killed it’.

Sanjana adorned the suit with a matching dupatta and jewellery including a small tikka headpiece.

Thousands of people liked photos of the outfit and congratulated the new husband and wife.

But there were some critics, who accused Sanjana of ‘attention-seeking’.

On the Humans of Bombay page, Sanjana wrote: ‘I woke up to us trending online; my outfit had gone viral. But the trollers didn’t like that; they commented things like–”poor groom, he got the attention seeker wife”, “crazy bride”. But Dhruv and I just had a good laugh!

‘Honestly, why should what the world thinks matter to us? We’re just being us.

‘I keep saying this – marriage isn’t about losing ourselves to please each other or others.

‘I’m unabashedly myself, and so is he – and that’s what makes this, makes us work.’

Sanjana tells ‘I picked the outfit because I love pairing secondhand items with modern updates and because I came into my adulthood seeing powerful women in suits.

‘My family (and my new family) loved the outfit.

‘I guess it didn’t seem like such a big deal to us, especially because both my in laws and my parents are pretty used to me using my clothing choices as a form of self expression, by which I mean: they know I dress extra.’

Extra and fabulous.

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