Influencer explains how you can appear ‘slimmer’ in seconds in lingerie snaps

Instagram is full of influencers and models who flaunt their teeny waists and ‘perfectly’ toned bodies. This can leave some people feeling insecure as certain body types can be seen as unattainable.

So, influencer and mental health advocate Natasha Sandhu has taken to Instagram to share the reality behind posing for pictures.

And, she thanks lighting and angles for helping her to appear “slimmer.”

The stunning brunette regularly shares sizzlingly hot lingerie and outfit snaps to her 483,000 followers.

But after debating over whether to share, Natasha has now posted a snap of her cellulite to convince her followers to love their bodies no matter what.

So, in a recent post, Natasha shared side by side snaps taken seconds apart to show how lighting and angles can change the appearance of our bodies.

Donning a matching white lingerie set in both pictures, the influencer can be seen sporting a different figure in each photo – despite them being taken moments apart.

In the left snap, Natasha can be seen sitting more relaxed whilst flaunting her cellulite.

But, in the right snap the influencer can be seen sitting more upright, modelling a more toned look.

To shed some light on the process behind the photos, Natasha explained all in the caption of the post.

She said: “Same body… same day, all I have done is slightly move my phone a few inches forward to the sun, for better lighting/no shadows, and lifted it up for a more slimming angle and sat up straight/not leant into the bed.

“It’s taken a lot for me to post this comparison, because I have been so lucky my whole life not to get any cellulite. So this is something even I have to get used to and accept.”

She continued: “It comes with age and I know it’s part and parcel, I haven’t helped my self much recently either in the junk food and take away department.

“But does that mean I’m going to obsess over it, starve myself, spend hours in the gym, miss meals, hell no!!

“I will accept it, and it will give me a LITTLE push to make better snack choices, and up my spinning but I won’t punish or torture myself.”

Natasha added: “Especially because it’s all just perception anyway, as you can see from the difference in the images, same body, different perception.”

“Neither are a lie! It’s important how you perceive yourself.”

The influencer urged her followers: “Let’s love our bodies from every angle.”

Inspired by Natasha’s post, many people took to the comments to thank the influencer for sharing the ‘real’ post.

One person commented: “Stunning at every angle!!!!”

Another user added: “Love the realness of this.”

Whilst a third person praised: “You are amazing! Thank you for making me feel normal.”

Someone else mentioned: “Now this is the kind of stuff we like to see and appreciate, happy for you embracing your body!”

As a fifth user remarked: “Love these posts! Thank you for normalising normal bodies! You’re beautiful!”

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