Inside lavish life of Dubai housewife who splurges $500 on manicures

Being a ‘housewife’ and living a life of luxury is a dream many people have – but one woman is actually living it.

The TikToker, who goes by the username Soudisoudiofarabia, shares aspects of her lavish life with her 805,000 followers.

Soudi’s videos include her luxurious day trips to five-star hotels for drinks and designer shopping sprees, fine dining experiences and the ‘rules’ she must follow.

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According to The Sun, the Brit has lived with her now husband for 20 years and enjoys playing the role of the happy housewife.

Soudi splurges the couple's millions on everything from diamonds, Jimmy Choo shoes, and lavish beauty treatments – including a $500 manicure.

In a recent post, she gave fans a sneak peek at her nail tech’s hard work. The beautician crafted 3D flowers on the nails, which were painted in a stunning nude tone.

The artwork was finished off with Swarovski crystals.

Writing on the video, Soudi says: “Four hours later we’re done”. She captioned the clip: “Was it worth it or was I ripped off?”

While the nails look great, not everyone was impressed with the massive price tag.

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One user commented: “Most expensive nail place and they don’t have a UV wand protector for your skin?”

A second added: “I cannot believe it costs this much. I had more complicated designs for way cheaper.”

In other videos, Soudi gave a question and answer session to her followers – with queries ranging from whether she is worried he is cheating to whether she's a good housewife.

She wrote: “Rules for being with a rich Dubai man: Being pregnant 24/7, always saying yes, travelling last minute, always eating out.”

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She captions the video: “The hardest job I ever got.”

Some applaud the housewife, remarking: “No hate but it sounds exhausting to me.”

Others are less impressed, commenting: “Looks nice but where is the meaning and depth of this life? Simple things are most important and what makes you happy deeply.”


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