Introducing the witch-approved candle that comes with a DIY protection spell

If you love Halloween – but are more likely to be found on the sofa in your pjs than partying in a Wednesday Adams costume – then we’ve got just the thing for you.

The new Scents of Salem candle will get you into the spooky spirit while you stay cosy at home.

Designed with the help of a real-life witch, it’s meant to purify your space and remove any toxic energy that is lingering.

And, all proceeds from the candle will be donated to Women’s Aid. As autumn draws in and evenings get darker, many of us enjoy spending more at home – but home isn’t a safe haven for everyone.

That’s why 100% of the proceeds from the Scents of Salem candle will be donated to the charity which works to end domestic violence against women and children.

To create the candle, Ginger Ray have teamed up with practising witch Emma Carney and master candle makers Flaming Crap. It comes complete with ritual instructions suitable for a #babywitch beginner.

You may think dabbling in witchcraft is a bit unusual but with over 32.2 billion views, #WitchTok is here to stay.

The limited edition candle is straight out of the cauldron containing layered scents of Tongue of Toad, Dew of the Sea, Blood of Hestia and Elf Leaf.

These are all traditional ingredients associated with healing and purity in ancient witchcraft. The black soy wax candle is also 100% vegan. What’s not to love?

Witch Emma has even concocted a spell to perform while burning your Scents of Salem candle.

Firstly, you light the candle and take five deep breaths.

Once you have calmed your breathing, engage in some witchful thinking and begin to visualise what you wish to attract and protect in your life – or what negativity you wish to banish.

If you wish to elevate the ritual you can write these things down on paper to burn and destroy at the end of the ritual to release the energy.

Once you have set your intent, recite these powerful affirmations as the candle burns through each scent.

Scent One: Tongue of Toad

‘This space is mine, this space is clear, this space is safe. Any energy I do not permit cannot enter.

‘This space is mine, this space is clear, this space is safe.’

Emma says: ‘Visualise the smoke from the candle flame banishing toxicity and allowing you to find comfort in your surroundings. Try opening the windows to help the negative energy flow out.’

Scent Two: Dew of the Sea

‘I do not chase, I attract and what I attract is positive.’

Emma adds: ‘Take deep breaths and visualise a bright white light surrounding you.

‘With every breath in, absorb this positive light and with every breath out, push out the negative energy. Ah, feel that release.’

Scent Three: Blood of Hestia

‘My boundaries are firm and the walls are high. The gate can open for the good.’

Emma suggests: ‘This is a perfect time to have a cleansing bath to wash off all negativity from the outside world.

‘You can use lavender or chamomile oils in your bath to help promote meditation, protection and intuitive dreams.’

Scent Four: Elf Leaf

‘I am open and ready to attract and receive all the love and abundance the universe has to offer. And so it is!’

Emma ends says: ‘Lavender is a great way to end this ritual as it is the perfect sleep aid. Burn the candle whilst performing your bedtime routine such as skin care or meditation to encourage psychic dreams and guidance whilst you sleep.’

So what are you waiting for? Try your own ritual and manifest your own hex appeal by getting your hands on this witch-approved candle. Happy Halloween, witches.

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