It's 2006 Again: Paris Hilton Reignites Feud With Lindsay Lohan

We as a culture are in deep into aughts nostalgia. Consider half the collections shown at fashion week last season, the return of low-rise jeans, the upcoming reboot of the The Hills. And it’s a trend that’s extended into celebrity culture as well. To wit: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s longtime feud is relevant again.

Last night, Hilton appeared alongside Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne on Andy Cohen’s Bravo talk show, Watch What Happens Live. Cohen, our foremost expert at getting stars to spill tea (or throw wine), asked Hilton to say three nice things about Lindsay Lohan. Hilton started by calling Lohan “beyond,” but then struggled to find any positive adjectives. She settled on describing the troubled as actress as “lame” and “embarrassing.”

Last year, Hilton also jabbed at Lohan on Instagram: the @CommentsByCelebs account caught her referring to Lohan as a “#PathologicalLiar.”

But Hilton and Lohan have loathed each other for over a decade. It all started back in 2006, at Hyde Nightclub on Sunset Boulevard. Lohan had been spotted with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niachros (remember him?), a Hilton ex. And so Hilton stood alongside her friend, the famously greasy oil heir Brandon Davis (remember him?) as he disparaged Lohan to the paparazzi, who were filming.

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"I think [Lohan] is worth about $7 million, which means she's really poor. It's disgusting," he said. "She lives in a motel." Davis also made repulsive comments about Lohan’s body, infamously referring to her as “a fire crotch.” As Davis talked, Hilton pretended to be on her cell phone.

From there on out, Hilton and Lohan entered a cycle of publicly insulting each other and publicly making up: Lohan mocked Hilton’s sex tape and claimed that Hilton hit her with a drink at a party; Hilton ridiculed Lohan’s arrest for stealing jewelry; Hilton’s brother was beaten at Art Basel and initially blamed Lohan (his attacker was unrelated). It’s all very twisted! What’s next? A confrontation in Mykonos? We are sadly eager to find out.

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Paris Hilton and Edward Furlong. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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