‘I’ve been pronouncing my name wrong forever – my parents knew the entire time’

Learning your name is one of the first things you do in life.

But this woman revealed that she'd been pronouncing her name wrong the entire time.

Naomi Leanage, 30, from Canada, was 'shocked' to discover that she'd being living somewhat of a lie.

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Despite the new knowledge, she's refused to say it the 'correct' way.

For three decades Naomi had been pronouncing her surname 'Leanage', similar to the sound of fromage.

But in actual fact, Naomi's last name is supposed to be said as 'Lean a-ge' – not rhyming with the French translation of cheese.

She explained: "I found out a couple of years ago from my dad, Paul.

"We asked how our last name sounds French. He said 'oh, well, it is not actually pronounced like that'."

Dad Paul Leanage, 63, and mum Nayana, 62, knew the entire time but didn't let on to Naomi and her two siblings.

"My family are originally from Sri Lanka and when we came over to Canada, he changed up the pronunciation as people were pronouncing the name wrong", she added.

"My siblings and I were very shocked, I felt like I was bamboozled my whole life. My mum, Nayana, 62, knew but she didn't think to mention it."

Since her revelation, Naomi shared her story on social media where many others related to her situation.

Naomi is happy to continue pronouncing her name like she has done for the last 30 years.

She said: "A lot of people have said to me that when they came to live in Western countries, their names would be changed or spelt differently.

"I feel like over two decades of saying it, I don't think I can switch it up that easily – I will continue to say it how I have been doing."


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