Jane Park reveals she moved to Dubai for 'business' reasons

Britain’s youngest EuroMilions winner Jane Park insists she’s MOVED to Dubai for ‘business’ reasons – after critics blasted Instagram posts showing her partying

  • Jane Park, 25, from Edinburgh, has defended being in the United Arab Emirates
  • Euromillions winner has been blasted for sharing snaps at bars and on the beach
  • Claims she moved to Dubai for business opportunities and to protect her mother

Britain’s youngest EuroMilions winner has responded to backlash surrounding photographs she posted on social media showing herself partying in Dubai.

Jane park, 25, from Edinburgh, was branded ‘selfish’ after posting a series of photos and videos of herself drinking in bars and nightclubs and posing in bikinis on the beach since jetting to Dubai just before New Year’s Eve.

She took to Instagram to defend being in the United Arab Emirates while Scotland is in lockdown after she was hit with negative comments from her followers. 

‘Can everyone stop with the Dubai abuse. I’m over here now won’t be returning,’ Jane said. 

Jane park, 25, (pictured) from Edinburgh, has responded to negative comments on Instagram about her decision to move to Dubai 

‘I also can’t see my mum. I had to move out before I left as she was high risk.

‘It’s safer for me to be here than UK and I’m following the rules here. If Dubai was to go into lockdown then I’d be in one too.

‘I’m sick of message requests saying I’m selfish etc when all I’ve done is move somewhere to better my life and try and make 2021 more positive than 2020.

‘I’m sorry that some people aren’t in a position to do so but I don’t feel you should hate someone who is.

‘I’m not saying go to Dubai and party, I’m not always partying. I’m business focused and no one knows what is going on.’

The Euromillions winner said she left Scotland because her mum is high risk and she’s focused on business. Pictured: Jane in Dubai 

Jane was just 17 when she won £1 million after getting lucky with her first-ever Euromillions ticket in 2013.

She claims her decision to move to Dubai is permanent and is focused on business opportunities.  

Jane said: ‘There is stuff going on behind closed doors. I want everyone to be aware of that I haven’t just been partying.

‘I follow the Dubai rules and that’s all I can do.

‘Please stop the abuse because you’re not in a position to do the things I do.’

Jane who splurged her winnings on cosmetic surgery and luxury holidays, has repeatedly claimed the Euromillions prize ruined her life 

Jane has repeatedly stated winning the Euromillions prize ruined her life and even threatened to sue lottery operators Camelot for negligence, claiming someone her age shouldn’t have been allowed to win.

She has confessed that it was only the advice of family members which stopped her going bust after she went on a spending spree.

The jackpot winner paid for a boob job, Brazilian bum lift and splashed out on a string of luxury holidays and fashion accessories.

In 2019, she revealed she was making money by selling racy topless pictures of herself on subscription site OnlyFans.

Making money by selling topless photographs, Jane (pictured) said her family members gave her advice that stopped her from going bust 

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