Joan Rivers ‘wore Spanx before they were cool,’ daughter Melissa says

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Sorry, Kim Kardashian: The late, great Joan Rivers just might be the ultimate shapewear influencer.

“My mother wore Spanx before they were cool. She loved them,” the style legend’s daughter Melissa told Page Six Style.

“She comes from a generation where proper undergarments made your clothes look better. So she was a huge shapewear fan — huge. And it’s true: When you have a proper base layer, your clothes hang better.”

Working red carpets with her sharp-tongued mom certainly kept Melissa, 53, on her toes in the style department.

“She would have lots of comments when I was picking a dress … a lot of opinions on what I was wearing,” the “Fashion Police” co-host said.

Still, when Melissa found herself on worst-dressed lists following the 2004 Golden Globes, it wasn’t her mom’s doing.

“This dress, which I took so much s—t for, photographed terribly,” the TV host recalled of her orange printed dress adorned with beadwork and feathers. “It was so pretty in person.”

Joan, meanwhile, looked “phenomenal” in her gold sequin coat and slinky champagne gown.

“She put a lot of time and effort and thought into what she was wearing. My mother was always very over-the-top glam, and I think that’s probably why I went in the other direction,” Melissa quipped.

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