Johnny Depp Reportedly Settles City of Lies Assault Lawsuit Ahead of Trial

Crewmember Gregg "Rocky" Brooks filed suit in 2018, alleging that Depp screamed at him, punched him twice and offered him $100k to hit back.

After one very public trial that garnered more attention than probably anyone involved wanted, Johnny Depp appears to have avoided a second one that was looming.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, court filings indicate that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star has settled a 2018 lawsuit filed against him by “City of Lies” location manager Gregg “Rocky” Brooks alleging assault.

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Brooks claimed in his suit that Depp attacked him during a drunken incident. He alleges that the actor screamed at him, punched him twice, and then offered him $100k to turn around and hit him back. Brooks instead hit him with a lawsuit. Depp denied the allegations.

The crewmember further alleges that he was fired from the shoot after he refused to promise he wouldn’t sue over the alleged incident. Additional allegations in Brooks’ suit include claims that Depp was taking drugs while on the set and that he could smell alcohol on him during the specified incident.

“The settlement agreement conditions dismissal of this matter on the satisfactory completion of specified terms that are not to be performed within 45 days of the date of the settlement,” the new filing reads, per THR. “A request for dismissal will be filed no later than 1/5/2023.”

In other words, if Depp fails to uphold his end of the settlement agreement, the case will automatically be reopened. The terms of said deal were not specified, per the outlet.

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After the initial suit by Brooks, another crewmember came to Depp’s defense. Script supervisor Emma Danoff said she had proof that Brook’s alleged incident never happened.

According to Danoff’s version of events, as detailed by THR, Depp only confronted Brooks after the latter slung racist slurs at a Black homeless woman. Danoff claims that Depp stood up for the woman.

In Brooks’ filing, he alleges that the preceding incident was him being asked by a producer to extend filming hours to accommodate Depp’s desire to film two of his friend in an extended scene, per TheWrap. He claims Depp was removed by bodyguards.

While the case appears not headed for trial, Depp was represented in it by Camielle Vasquez, who was part of the legal team that oversaw his successful defamation case against Amber Heard. The trial was set to start later this month.

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