Jonas Brothers Celebrate Epic Career & Comeback While Taking Home Decade Award At Teen Choice

This is an SOS! The Jonas Brothers won the Decade Award at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, and we’re total suckers for their performance. Who knew

Oh, how far they’ve come! The Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever, 10 years since they released their last studio album. And what better way to celebrate the ultimate comeback story than with a massive award? Just one day after beginning their sold-out Happiness Begins tour in Miami, Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas were given the coveted Decade Award at the Teen Choice Awards! The award was handed to them, quite literally, by none other than Nick’s Jumanji co-star, Jack Black, who waxed poetic about how handsome they all are first. The words “handsome stick” were used several times. The guys were so excited to receive their surfboards. Kevin told an awkward story about how he got bullied for having frosted tips. But he landed a commercial because the casting agent liked them. Nick said that teachers always tried to get him to be quiet. And now, look where they are!

The Jonas Brothers’ August 11 appearance at the Teen Choice Awards marked their incredible achievements and growth as artists, and that surfboard was well deserved. The brothers join the ranks of Justin Timberlake, who won the first iteration of the award in 2016, and Maroon 5, who took home the surfboard in 2017. For some reason, there was no Decade winner in 2018, but who cares — the JoBros made up for it in 2019. Joe actually revealed that their first award ever as a group was a Teen Choice Award, making this a truly touching honor.

Tonight alone, the Jonas Brothers were nominated for five other categories: Choice Music Group, Choice Song: Group, Choice Pop Song, Choice Summer Song and Choice Summer Group. They already have 15 Teen Choice Awards as a group, all won between the years 2008 and 2010. And now, they’re Decade Award winners! Seventeen Teen Choice Awards, solo careers, marriages, kids — he happiness has really just begun, hasn’t it?

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