Kylie Jenner Is in Recovery Mode After Having Surgery

Kylie Jenner might be one of the most famous women in the world, but that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from all the same problems regular people might face. The Kylie Cosmetics founder cares a lot about her face, though she remains adamant that she’s never had any true surgery. Now, though, she’s recovering from a different kind of surgery: her wisdom teeth.

Kylie Jenner cares a lot about her face

It’s no secret that Jenner has had a lot of work done to herface — anyone who compares her appearance from a few years ago to now wouldsee that. But Jenner still remains certain that she’s never had any truesurgery to alter her face. She once said in an interview that her change inappearance was dueto Botox and other fillers.

Fillers are often used in the face to deepen lines and promote contour; this explains Jenner’s change in facial structure over the past few years. She’s also had Botox in her lips, which have now become a massive part of her image.

Jenner is unlike most people her age

The 22-year-old didn’t go through life the way the average Americandid. She was raised by Kris and Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, a wealthy Californiacouple, and she’s half-siblings to the Kardashians — one of America’s mostfamous last names. Jenner grew up with plenty of money, and she founded her owncosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics, back in 2015. These days, she’s sitting on afortune worthmore than $1 billion.

Jenner doesn’t have to worry about a lot of things other young adults have to worry about; she has no student loan debt and never had any trouble finding a job. But that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from all trials and tribulations of people her age.

She still has to deal with those young-adult problems — such as wisdom teeth

The beauty mogul recently revealed that she had her wisdom teeth out. The wisdom teeth are a set of four teeth that often try to grow in long after the other adult teeth have found their place. Since the wisdom teeth tend to shift other teeth around, they’re typically removed before they start to show signs of coming in.

Jenner posted a photo to her Instagram story that appeared to be inside of an oral surgery office. “Hi I got my wisdom teeth taken out,” Jenner wrote. “This sucks.”

Jenner seemed fine in a later video with her daughter

Though Jenner just underwent surgery, she seemed fine in a later video with her daughter. The beauty mogul posted a video walking down the stairs with Stormi, while Stormi counted the steps on the way down. Though Jenner’s face couldn’t be seen, she appeared to be talking normally. But it’s possible the video was taken a few days before the surgery; there’s nothing to suggest it was posted in real time.

Jenner will likely feel under the weather for the next fewdays while she heals, which is tough for someone who is always on the move. Butultimately, she’ll probably be glad she had the surgery.  

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