Lady Gaga's Dogs Were Stolen: See Photos of the Singer's French Bulldogs Asia, Koji and Gustav

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Lady Gaga’s three French bulldogs — Koji, Gustav and Asia — were the targets of a terrifying Wednesday night robbery in Los Angeles, in which her dog walker was shot and Koji and Gustav stolen. The third dog, Asia, ran away and was later recovered by authorities. Gaga, who is in Rome for a new project, put up a $500,00 reward for information about the missing dogs.

The pups are frequent guests on her Instagram, most recently in March 2020 when she encouraged followers to stay home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In 2018, Gustav went as a Chia Pet for Halloween.

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As did Koji … 

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… and Asia.

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The dogs joined their mom for a casual photo shoot in 2017.

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Koji kept close to mom on a rainy day in 2017.

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And kept her cozy in bed on a sleepy 2016 morning.

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Gaga used a pic of Asia to ask followers to be “man’s best friend” and donate to the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando in 2016.

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Asia was Gaga’s main squeeze for a “Wednesday Friendsday” pic. The black French bulldog is so famous, she even modeled for Coach in 2015.

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Gustv and Koji had each other’s backs in a late 2016 snap.

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Asia led Gaga to their present haul on Christmas 2016 — though all the pup really wanted was a belly rub.

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Koji and Asia were thrilled to welcome Gustav to the pack in November 2016. 

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She called the dog “so precious” in an adorable photo a day later.

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Koji served as mom’s muse during a 2016 writing session.

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Asia helped wish fans a happy weekend in a sunny summer 2020 snap.

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Gaga celebrated her single with Ariana Grande — “Rain on Me” — with Koji in her arms.

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Gaga introduced Asia to fans in 2014, quickly taking her on her first adventure. 

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“Koji for president ? cuddles and snuggles for the whole country,” Gaga wrote in 2016.

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Koji and Asia made one stylish pair in 2015.

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In a snuggly pic with Asia in 2015, Gaga reminded followers to be “grateful for all you have.”

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The 2015 holidays brought a “Christmas vacation with the kids,” a.k.a. Koji and Asia.

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Asia was there when mom got a big phone call in 2015 about her Golden Globe nomination for American Horror Story.

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A sunny waterside photo of her pups was “heaven,” the singer wrote in 2015.

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“Angelpigs” Koji and Asia snuggling in 2015.

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Gaga called Koji and Asia “my loves” in a 2015 picture.

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